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The launch of the platform, exclusive for professionnels, is scheduled for the 30 January 2020.

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ExJewel is the best estimation tool in the market

A traditional estimation

  • A human performs the estimation
  • The appraiser estimates with his own pricing strategy
  • Appraisers estimate the cost of precious materials ONLY
  • It can cost up to 30% of your jewelry price
  • It can vary from one jeweller to another
  • It can take up to 7 days
  • The result is delivered on a piece of paper
  • An estimation is just a estimation
  • A jeweller need to perform the estimation

ExJewel's estimation

  • An algorithm performs the estimation
  • Your jewelry is compared to millions others we gathered
  • Our algorithm goes beyond the precious materials
  • The first estimation is free.
  • Our estimation updates itself with the trends
  • Our estimation takes 1 min to load
  • The result is secured in a secure virtual vault
  • We offer endless possibilities of exports
  • You can estimate your goods while at home


- How it works -

Live Valuation Tool

estimated time: 1min

You have a jewelry in stock and you have no idea what value it is TODAY


Upload a photo of your jewelry

Fill up the interactive form using #keywords

Our algorithm gives you an estimate of your jewelry in less than 1 minute, comparing it to millions of others.

Exjewel Plateform

You can also manage your jewelry inventory on our platform, with smart analytics


Brand add margin. We add value.

ExJewel sets up the first digital jewelry estimate that takes into account the price of materials (metal and precious stones) as well as the price of previously unquantified elements (design, production, first life, etc …). We offer you total transparency! ExJewel collects all the information concerning your jewelry, thanks to its platform to evaluate as clear and transparent. You can also submit data.

The 6 facets of a real jewelry value

- Our perks -

Endless possibilities of exports

We launch 1 perk per 3-6 months

Certify your jewelry

Certify your jewelry with one of our partners to ensure validity and build trust with your other half. This certification will be your jewelry's identity card recognised by a worldwide eco-system.

Insure your jewelry

Insure your jewelry for safe-keeping. Imagine your client drop-off a jewelry for repair. ExJewel will take care of your estimation and a partner insurance company will be able to insure your risks based on our estimation.

Verify your jewelry

Your customers seek authentication of their jewelry purchase. ExJewel offers a verification as soon as a jewelry is estimated on our platform. We fight daily for counterfeit products by analysing our pricing requests.

Sell your jewelry

ExJewel maintain a transparent price that we evaluate at upload and at sale. Your customers will be able to get a clear estimation at purchase.

Work with our best partner designers to redesign a second life to all your loyal customers at ease.

Repair your jewelry

Repair broken jewelry that comes by your shop at ease. ExJewel will be able to evaluate it instantly at drop off and pick up. As such, you will be able to evaluate the real value you offer to your customers.

- our pricing -

Suitable For everyone


  • 1 free estimation

- Testimonials -

They trust us

jewelry appraisal

It's the first product of its kind in the world, integrating dozens of complex data sources into one place thanks to their proprietary pricing algorithm.

Lina Plokhova

Jewelry expert

Adrien Trivier

ExJewel has recycled and reused all my precious metals by working with professionals specializing in the refining of gold in France.

Adrien Trivier


- Press -

They talk about us

- Who we are -

Dream team

Stephane Boghossian

Stephane Boghossian

CEO and Founder

Tony Seng

Tony Seng

Interim product owner


Yasmina Schoueri

Full-stack developer and part-time CTO

- Our values -

Every piece of jewelry has 2 lives. At ExJewel, we believe that you deserve to know what your jewelry is really worth today so that you can decide the second life you want to give them.