Jewelry & gemstone Appraisal: Discover the first Online Jewelry Appraisal Tool

Jewelry Inventory management hasn't been easier.

ExJewel developed an online web tool based on artificial intelligence to estimate the value of your jewelry stock. Instant, professional and certified appraisal. Get your first jewelry appraisal for free.

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Appraisal at its perfection

A jewelry appraisal is required for any services you may need: Certification, Insurance, Repair, Repurpose or Resale.

Trust Exjewel’s professional appraisal with our jewelry value estimator


Jewelry appraisal today is

  • based on material costs
  • done by a professional (leads to errors)
  • takes up to 7 days
  • costs up to 20% of jewelry value
  • You have to find a reliable jewelry appraiser near you

Jewelry appraisal with exjewel

  • based on real-time material costs & immaterial costs
  • done by a proprietary algorithm that compares your jewelry, gemstones and diamonds with millions of others
  • takes 1 minute
  • appraise jewelry, diamonds and all major gemstones 
  • costs up more than 10x cheaper than a traditional appraisal
  • Your appraisals are secured in a virtual vault
  • Your appraisal updates itself with the 125 trends we constantly follow 
  • You get free online jewelry appraisal for your customers

Live appraisal Tool

Upload securely a photo of your jewelry


Fill up the interactive form using #keywords


Get an algorithmically generated price for your jewelry, instantaneously.


Design a second life to your inventory

Exjewel's platform

ExJewel was conceived for both jewelry owners and businesses.  

Businesses may include: gem and diamond experts, jewelry designers, influencers, jewelers, educational centers, suppliers, vintage stores, art galleries, auction houses, notaries, insurance companies, trendsetters and jewelry brands.

With Exjewel, your first jewelry appraisal is free. You can check our pricing here.

Sign-up to ExJewel, upload pictures of your Jewel, answer some questions (+ import the certificate). Our very powerful Artificial Intelligence gives you a jewelry appraisal in less than a minute!

Of course not! We created this tool to help appraisers around the globe estimate their jewelry stock at ease. Digital, instant and transparent.

exjewel scrapes 5.23 millions public and proprietary data from 37+ sources to provide the best online appraisal service.

exjewel calculates 252+ jewelry criteria that follows 127+ trends to give the most accurate jewelry appraisal. We also use 3 APIs to ease the process.

diamond jewelry appraisalExjewel is able to appraise jewelry coming from all sources, from new to vintage & from branded to unbranded.

Exjewel is able to appraise all precious gemstones from all origins including diamonds (natural or synthetic), emeralds, sapphires, rubies and pearls (natural or cultivated)

Do you have more questions about our jewelry value estimator ?

You can check our F.A.Q or contact us !

Manage & Reuse your inventory

Manage your virtual vault securely


Certify your jewelry

Exjewel is in partnership with certified jewelry appraiser. You can get Jewelry certification and professional appraisal which can increase your jewelry’s value by 30%.

Insure & protect your valuables

Our online jewelry appraisal tool is connected with the insurance leader specialised in the jewelry business.

Verify & trace your jewelry

Exjewel uses blockchain technology, to have a powerful database about jewelry appraisal and fight against counterfeit products.

Repair your jewelry 

Exjewel offers you various solutions concerning the repair of your jewelry: for businesses and customers

Give another life to your jewelry

Your jewelry is broken or unused? With our knowledge base, Exjewel know the trends related to jewelry. We connect you with jewelers to revive your jewelry and personalize it.

Buy & Sell repurposed jewelry in 1-click

Exjewel is also a powerful and secure platform where businesses and customers can privately trade precious jewelry with the best buyers anywhere, anytime.

A circular supply chain

Every jewelry has 2 lives. At exjewel, we believe that you deserve to know what your jewelry is really worth today so that you can decide the second life you want to give them.

The environmental problems generated by businesses in the jewelry industry lie mainly in the excessive supply of precious stones and materials needed to create a jewel. We believe that it is possible to reinvent the jewelry industry by recycling existing materials.

0 kg
of recycled gold
We recycle and use all precious metals and especially gold by working with professionals specializing in the redesign of gold in France.
0 carats
of reused diamonds
We reuse precious stones including diamonds by making them available to the supply chain.

Dream team

Stephane Boghossian
CEO & Founder
Tony Seng
Product Owner
Part-time CTO
Marketing Specialist

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