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Let’s celebrate woman! 

An engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever wear. You’ll wear it during the ceremony, everyday going at the supermarket buying groceries, at Christmas parties with your family and friends or even going to a gala dinner with your boss. It needs to be unique and personal.

They are so many different choice at different prices and styles. Choosing the right engagement ring for you can be very overwhelming, seeing all the variety you can get, both online or at stores.

Let me share with you the latest trends and tips you need to get inspired and find your own ring somewhere, out there:

Traditional is good

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Traditional means a centered colorless round diamond, some side melee stones imbedded on a white gold overlay. Clean, traditional and brilliantly good 😉

Brands to look for: Tiffany and CoCartierDe BeersChaumet

Jewelers to look for: Blue Nile77diamondsBaunat


  • 1 carat and above is always better as a resale value
  • White symbolises purity. Yellow symbolises generosity
  • Add an engraving for a personalisation (initials or wedding date)
  • Go for a 24kt gold, it’s purer and it’s better as a resale value – check Mene for that
  • Platinum is more expensive because it is rarer and mined much less than gold
  • Add a signature stone at the bottom of the setting – Jean Dousset is famous for that

Fancy shapes

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White goes with everything. Diamonds last forever and are more durable for everyday wear indeed. Try to be special and go for a fancy shape? Many brands have proposed this alternatives and worked for some years.

Jewelers to look for: Taylor & HartVashi diamonds

Pop of color ?

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Many brides want a little colour in their jewels and prefer colored diamonds or gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and even morganite, or even more affordable alternatives. Try it and see for yourself… The only problem with that is that jewelry need to pop up on your skin and shine to everybody’s eyes. White is popular but what if you stop loving the color you are wearing? Blue stops to be your color and red starts to wear you off? Ultimately, you can add colour by choosing the right setting. A trilogy setting with three stones representing the couple’s past, present and future, is one idea worth considering. 

Jewelers to look for: GemmyoGemvara


  • Pearls = wealth, luck and protection
  • Aquamarine = truth and trust
  • Emerald = growth, balance and fertility
  • Ruby = passionate love
  • Sapphires = faithfulness and sincerity

Asymmetrical designs using bespoke services

Are you bored of all these symmetrical stones and designs? Well, why not choosing asymmetrical designs. A good way to do so is to go for bespoke services. My generation loves the entire shopping experience of finding the perfect engagement ring, almost as much as the ring itself! Couples love to visit the jeweller’s workshop and meet the people behind the brand and see the craftsmanship that goes into a beautifully designed ring. This kind of in-depth experience makes the purchase much more memorable and extra special on the side.

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Jewelers to look for: 404 Place VendomeCustom MadeTaylor & Hart


  • Add an engraving for a personalisation (initials or wedding date)
  • Mix gold colors, it looks fancier
  • Asymmetrical designs could lead to a cocktail ring which is customisable and unique.

Sustainability at your own risks

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Tired of this mass consumption? Well there is still recyclable solutions for you. Jewelers, mostly online based, have reached into the surface to compete into the sector of the market.

Jewelers to look for:

Why not antique or heirloom?

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There is strong demand for antique engagement rings right now. From Art Deco to Edwardian and Victorian styles, an antique engagement ring or heirloom like this one is excellent value, not to mention environmentally conscious. For some cultures, there are mixed feelings about antique engagement rings: from the energy aspect, rings with hundreds of years of history can give off negative vibes for some. But if you love the style, many brands offer antique settings with a modern twist.

Jeweler to look for: Jessica McCormack

Not one but two!

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Think a bit: You are backpacking around Asia with your husband and you have a one carat ring imbedded with gold. You’ll be lucky not to be threatened by streeters at night. Some lucky women are fortunate enough to own not one but two engagement rings – one for more formal occasions and the other for work and play, usually in silver or alternatives. In some countries, wearing opulent jewelry is considered inappropriate for the corporate world, so two engagement rings makes a lot of sense.


  • Make one in gold and diamond. Make the second in silver and Cubic Zirconia
  • Make one in gold and diamond. Make the second more funkier with colors
  • Remake your grandma’s wedding ring. Make a copy of it in silver
  • Make one with 1 and above carat diamond. Make the second in less than a carat diamond

Add a little motif

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Engagement rings are blooming right now with flowers, petals, vines and other natural motifs. Leaf detailing adds whimsical detail to a classic setting.


  • Smaller centre stones in a simple setting for a dainty and feminine feel
  • Invisible setting is a good alternative of a big central stone. Using hexagonal halos may find you well
  • Jewelry hids many meaning. Why not using a symbol? Any idea: alchemic, human body, organic forms, constellations, …

I hope my tips and trends will help you find your perfect engagement ring.

Happy Women’s day!