To be direct with you, I would say yes, jewelry is always a worthy investment. It may not look like it today but eventually, it could be.

It is an expensive, generally well-crafted, a luxurious item, it brings out memory and it is marketed to stay for a long time in your possession. But what happens these days is that customers keep buying their jewelry at stores and stops wearing the jewelry they bought a month, a year or 10 years ago. Looking at the recent stats make us wonder where does the jewelry industry is going these days. To make it short, retailers and brands produce way more than customers buy and wear (approximately 92%). They produce more and we sell less and that means an inequality that customers fill by buying less because prices get higher by the day. And just looking at what you bought recently at Place Vendome or Bond Street even, your jewelry is not even worn because:

  • They are either sitting in a safe at home or in a bank. Why? As simple as it is, you wear them once or twice for a special occasion, then dump it somewhere safe for your children to wear it again. In recent studies, over than 1 piece of jewelry on 3 is passed on to the next generation.
  • Sometimes, for safety reasons, you decide not to wear them! Why? Simple as the world is becoming jealous, eager to steal to get to the top. Jewelry showed wealth 100 years ago, even more now, seeing a rapid rarity of gemstones and diamonds.
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  • Rare are the ones that actually wear their high jewelry for more than 5 times straight. Why? Like most fashionable items, it becomes out of trend quite fast. You start browsing on your Instagram feed and get tempted. So you buy more and dump your old jewelry in a safe. These things happen almost one of one jewelry purchased. Who decides what trend would work? Influencers, bloggers, press, creative designers,… you.
  • Sometimes, it brakes and you don’t really go to fix them. You’ll ask me why now… well, it cost a lot to fix a small claps brake in France, approximately 200 euros on average. Plus, local jewelers are not known for their best creativity so other than straight to the point actions, you will need an external designer for a general repurpose. 
  • Today, people may not want to repipe the jewelry they got from their grandmothers. Why? Too much memory to get detached from. Your grandmother wore it for the first dance with your grandfather, your mom went on her first date wearing this pearl necklace,… Too delicate, for you and for the original wearer, to bare see it destroyed.
  • The worst reason is that you bought your jewelry at ridiculous mark-ups prices at the store so selling them at the wrong price make you lose half of the price. Why? That’s true for a fact. Buying from a well-known brand generally would increase its price by 150%. If it’s just a famous designer, a mark up of 70 to 90% is added.
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  • Sustainability reasons! Did you know? When you buy jewelry at retail, this jewelry went over 100 different hands before yours. Why? Simple math, the stone is mined by miners in Africa or Asia, dealt by brokers from one country to another one (this step is most of the times repeated), bought by specialists, touched by designers, set by setters and jewelers, cleaned and lastly sold to you.

Our vision is your vision

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What if this was an opportunity to create by retransforming rather than buying as we are producing more and more?

What if I told you that this is possible now. We can revive your jewelry and transmit your souvenirs to future generations. Diamonds are not forever as once marketed. Diamonds don’t last as often, they get stolen or get darker at times, they may disappear faster than you think and their price may increase these coming years. (bear with me with diamond geeky details)

ExJewel’s standard.

At the same time, we make sure you have the best experience you need. You get to learn by retransforming. We put you in contact with the local jeweler and renowned designer that is gonna work on your jewelry until it is ready. You’ll be part of this revalorization process that we created to improve our consumption to luxury products.