van cleef and arpels

#Storytelling is becoming the most important marketing strategies of all time. It captures the customers to their core micro-needs and drives them to walk up to the right store to buy their wedding ring. Telling a story is quite hard, especially if you wanna have the best chance to drive as much as future customers as possible. It depends on how to tell a story the right way. In this article, you will see how acting out to be a future customer can give you insight on the brand strategy.

Breakfast at the Ritz

Like anyone working in luxury, having a luxurious breakfast at the Ritz became a habit for Isabel and I. Just for our amusement, we like to pretend that we are potentially married customers and try out some of the high jewelry the Place Vendome’s jewelers have to offer.

That day, we can say that we were both very well dressed, a diamond ring in Isabel’s hand and a big gold brooch on my chest. As we entered the store, a bodyguard is in place, letting everyone in and out from this vault. The first security check is done!

  • Higher the security, bigger is the fortress

Our first intermediary was the boutique assistant welcoming us with a smile on her hand. Before even looking at the jewelry, we were proposed to have a coffee or tea. Rather, we asked to be served a glass of champagne. So they did. Dom Perignon was an obvious choice.

  • Customers are king

As we started speaking to the boutique manager, he decides to show us 2 bis necklace-bracelet-alike. Van Cleef & Arpels is one of my favorite jewelry brand of all time. Their creations put every other one not worth a look. Creative, delicate and trendy collections. Collections Isabel wanted to try. Wearing them was the most fun Isabel was! Photos were allowed so we did take some to remember.

  • Jewelry consultant is becoming a boutique manager’s asset

After a few ideas sketched out, we got invited to go in the “room in the back” where customized jewelry consulting is done. No need for a professional designer. Just the boutique manager taking out our request. Attention! The sketches were done on paper, the old fashioned way.

  • Unfortunately, storytelling is not part of their creative process. They should focus more on the personalization of the designs rather than proposing their own collection.