global goals

The whole Exjewel services conduct the jewelry industry to better social and environmental impact. We created a new responsible supply chain. Thank’s to the digital appraisal service which promotes the repurpose of old jewels, Exjewel allowed recycling 18 kilos of gold and 53 carats of diamonds. We think that the best way to reduce the impact is to reduce the mining sourcing in general.

Nevertheless, we know that the UN’s index is not fully relevant to the jewelry industry. That is why we focus our mission on three main topics of the 17’s Global Goals.

  • First, the 8. Good jobs and economic growth with the workshop partners supply chain.
  • Then, 9. Industry innovation and infrastructure that we expand with the entire digitalization of the service.
  • Finally the 12. Responsible consumption by driving away fast fashion and promoting repurpose of jewels.

Taylor and Hart X Everledger

  • Follow gem’s journey

The famous bespoke engagement jeweler Taylor and Hart improved his sustainable engagement by making a partnership with the innovative company Everledger. Everledger developed a blockchain technology which allows tracking the whole supply chain process of a jewel made in the Taylor and Hart workshop.

  • Transparent to their client

Everledger provides a logged certificate as a proof of sustainable extraction of resources. The main benefit of this technology is to guarantee high reliability of the data thank’s to the quantity of intermediaries approval, and the blockchain control rejects the risk of fake certificates.

Taylor and Hart X With Love Darling

Taylor and Hart and With Love Darling have the same forward-looking of the jewelry industry. They focus on improving the supply chain to propose a new trend of ethical sourcing in a different style. WLD bet on good quality fancy jewelry while T&H keep a high jewelry positioning, competing with the most famous branded designers.

  • Notoriety through partnerships

The Partnership with the brand With Love Darling’s allowed Taylor and Hart to strengthen their sustainable branding. The water drop neckless campaign allowed them to boost their communication on a trendy innovative jewel.

  • A fair trade supply chain with WLD

Regarding the With Love Darling CEO, Elisabeth Crossley-Wright has an interesting background as a political activist for UN’s 17 global goals during the mission in Bosnia and Kosovo. She developed the With Love Darling collection following her sustainability commitment by supporting ethical workshops located in Middle-East, where sweatshops are enforced

Other actors

Soko and Monique Péan are both jewelers committed in the development of manufacturer in developing countries mainly on African and Asian continent.

Credit to Soko

Soko developed a service to improve the labor condition in giving free business development assistance and supporting vulnerable handcraft woman to be more autonomics.

Credit to Monique Péan

Monique Péan is a fancy jewels designer who is only supplied by fair trade mines and certificated diamonds and stones as Kimberley Process Certification Scheme cooperative provides against blood diamond sourcing. In addition to her sustainable model, Monique Péan gives 1% of her revenue to water charity for developing countries.

ExJewel. We created a new responsible supply chain.