Ruby auction house

To be frank with you, diamonds are not forever. They do last long but what I wanted to say is that diamonds can dissolve from its meaning and lose value. It can lose value depending on the market demand or even can lose value.

1/ Storytelling, marketing, and luxury?

From Nutella to Cartier, storytelling is embedded in the brand’s heritage. Storytelling, a word that is now used for any new marketing strategy we get our eyes on. But why? Simply as it matters to new generations. And brands love it!

A/ The journey of a gem

Have you ever wondered where your diamond comes from? It is fascinating actually. To get to this beautiful brilliant gemstone that you wear on your wedding day, a lot of people get involved along the way. With the help of blockchain technology, Everledger managed to enhance the classical GIA diamond report with a complete timeline of whos was involved as a middleman in the supply chain process.

  • Traceability creates and controls workflow

B/ Long live heritage

Have you all watched the new Cartier campaign? Well watch it and continue reading… The campaign is not just a marketing campaign showing the iconic Leopard moving around Paris. It is a voyage through time that you or your grandparents can relate to.

  • Emotional marketing initiate a close relationship with your favorite brand

C/ International love

Nowadays brand challenges are to relate to new emerging generations like you, readers. Micro-targeting was invented quite randomly but works just fine. Let’s take another example from the legendary french jeweler: “International Love”. ‘Destinée’ is the story of 2 closed friends getting back together after the long-time away. Apart from a beautiful story, there is a pure target in mind: Showcase the Cartier store in Champ Elysée street and their product.

  • Stories can target the right small audience

D/ Woman’s’ Empowerment

“real is rare, real is a diamond” is a new organization that believes in the diamond as the ultimate luxury representation of love. Apart from the luxurious aspect of a diamond, they recently launched a new campaign aiming to insight woman’s purchasing individual powers.

For Me, From Me”: A Campaign launched by Diamond Producers
  • Storytelling creates awareness of a specific product

E/ Diamond is forever

“Diamond is forever” is probably the smartest marketing strategy ever. Designed by the DeBeers group, it managed to create a desire for a product that was, at that time, controlled by the group at 80%.

1971 – James Bond – Diamonds are forever: title sequence
  • Foreverness can create desires of any unusual product

F/ Podcast love

Podcast is a new trend. Gemmyo has launched their podcast channel for a few years now and it’s been quite a hit! Why? Simply as that Pauline Laigneau (Founder of French jewelry brand, Gemmyo) used storytelling at its core subject in-discussion: Couples would come on-to the show and share their love story embedding their creation of jewelry as a highlight.

Gemmyo – unvraipetitbijou
  • “Mignon” means love

2/ At ExJewel, Story matters

ExJewel believes in bringing the customers into the core of our digital platform, enhancing transparency to their loyalties, sharing their values as well as their stories while wearing jewelry.

A/ The immaterial value of a jewelry

“Jewelry is more than metals and stones, story matters too!”. In a way, this is a strategy we, at ExJewel, love to integrate into our transparent pricing strategy. Whenever jewelry is estimated, all the different costs below are taking care of. Among the prices, immaterial could vary a lot depending on the “wanting” of a product. For example, an engagement ring that was passed on from generation to generation costs definitely more than an engagement ring that is issued by a divorce or a lost soul love.

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This seems a bit unfair for both sale parties but this difference is clearly seen in the auction house website. The difference between the estimation cost and the selling cost is huge. It happened recently that a Ruby ring was sold 18 times more compared to the estimation valued. Even though the piece was accompanied by two gemological reports that confirmed it was natural and unheated, this difference was due to its very low acquisition cost and the huge demand for 10+ carat ruby.

Commenting on the sale, head of jewelry at Chiswick Auctions, Sarah Duncan, remarks: “We are delighted with the result of this extraordinary ruby. Natural rubies above 5 carats are very rare and one over 10 carats is exceptional, so we knew that it might attract a lot of attention. Rubies of this size infrequently come onto the market and because of this and its outstanding quality, bidding was as expected, extremely competitive.”


B/ People at the core of ExJewel

ExJewel was founded after a successful first story, and satisfied, client! I was lucky enough to have probably the easiest first client, my mother. Easiest? Not so sure! As I know her, she is hard to serve and satisfy as a client: everything needed to be perfect, the jewelry well crafted, the design at her taste, the event successful, knowing that I will have afterward her full support.

My goal is to bring up the storytelling aspect of ExJewel I am trying to focus on.

Diamonds are not forever as DeBeers once marketed, the earth is quite tired of sourcing gemstones, all materials tend to run out… knowing that 92% of the world jewelry inventory is not even worn, but kept in stores, or in the safes. A huge number I do hope to reduce in the long term with Exjewel.

My short-term goal is to revive as many old jewelries as I can, giving them a new life, suitable for its owner. Learning from this first project, I ended up creating my own start-up ExJewel.

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C/ Social Media

ExJewel is keen to offer you, viewers, rich content through Instagram stories. It is both educational and fun to watch, with the as little budget as possible, in order to be true to ourselves.

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