PARIS, FRANCE. MARCH 3, 2014. Olivier Mellerio, Mellerio dits Meller’s General Manager in the brand’s workshop. Photo: Antoine Doyen

Place Vendome has been a highlight for the jewelry industry around the world. Do you see that image influencing the sales in Paris?

We are the oldest jewelry house in France and probably one of the first to be in Place Vendome. We’ve been here and the name became a symbol for any jewelry house. If you want to be on the spotlight of Paris jewelry, you have to be in Vendome. I do understand it became a standard but still, it doesn’t influence the price of the pieces we sell here or neither the design of our jewelry line.

Mellerio exists for many years and many years are coming too. Do you think that heritage keeps the company alive?

Yes. It certainly helps. Our clients believe in our craftsmanship and that’s for sure. We believe also in it as we are the oldest in France to work with silver and gold alloys and especially, the oldest house that works with stones and big clients. Our price doesn’t reflect the price of our jewelry but still, it reflects confirmation of our high quality.

I see more and more people seeking for another life of their vintage jewelry. Why do you think customers seeks another life for their jewelry?

An amethyst and yellow gold parure (1825) – image from JCK

Jewelry is meant to live forever. We believe in Mellerio that the client doesn’t have to come back to us to make it live again, the jewelry is supposed to live forever always. But still, jewelry is not something you are going to keep forever to yourself, it is meant to be given to future generations…