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written by Julian Walter, student at ESCP and jewelry connoisseur for ExJewel.

Market experts do not see an overproportional price increase for both, the high end jewelry as well as the lower-end jewelry market. This small jewelry trend is a free sample of 15 jewlery trends we think is going to be big this year!

Colors Fly! 🍭

Shiny white diamonds on Bling Bling shiny gold is on fire 🔥 on Instagram! and it looks cool again! I guess the micro trend is starting as well: “Bling Bling” in the US 😉
The jewelry industry is looking with optimism on the new decade – there is no particular color, but colorful, rainbow-like jewelry is in trend this spring.
That is: the more the better! Pomellato’s collection is full of color


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Talisman High Jewellery Collection: Talismans become increasingly popular, with powerful symbols they function as a sign of stability, comfort, and strength. This collection of DeBeers Group was a real success in embedding the Talisman theme using rough colored diamond and beautifully cut diamond.

Signet Rings = 👨

The 2020 fashion trend for men is are signet rings – a symbol that everyone could recognize, a ring with personal authentication or marked symbols. 
Although men’s jewelry is relatively stable, this new trend has emerged in the new decade. Pins and brooches are a new thing for many actors in the Hollywood scene. It may hit the market with a new specialized brand?

Bigger is back I guess! 📏

Compared to the past years, jewelry definitely grew in size, especially earrings and necklaces. Size matters guys! Pay attention to this trend. You may think it is on all shows during the fashion week until it hit the streets! Suddenly.

I am Vaiana

This spring’s all about sea and salt…and shells! Big necklaces and bracelets made out of the shell are in trend. The ocean inspires many designers today. Not just for the “ocean responsibility brainwash” but for its rich natural colors and patterns.

It has to be useful!

From mini jewelry bags to credit card earrings and glasses worn as necklaces, they all have one thing in common: connecting the trendy with the use… well at least some of them… 

Consumers are seeking transparency, the story behind a piece of jewelry. 


Although there are some companies that still hold on to stimulating mass consuming build on untrue stories, many designers love to listen to the people. Translate a love to be connected to the natural world, tell a story about our history, our culture and connect us with our love for animals. Or even our fear, or fascination for certain creatures or events. Such as spiders, or millipedes or death. Stories about gemstones, whether you believe in specific healing properties or birthstones…, or you love the natural properties of a gemstone, love to know how it was sourced. You might like to know if the jewel you have chosen is made in a sustainable way, or that the company has certain values that match yours. 
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The wild translation of the story of Marie- Antoinette by Lydia Courteille

Get on a Safari! 🦁

Remember that year we went on a safari, the dad says. and we spotted a lot of wild animals?

Oh yes, daddy! Lions, pumas, elephants, and monkeys! the 5 years old kid responds! I feel like going to watch the new Lion King together!

Pigeon blood rubies for the stretchable diamond ring of Pichiotti

Back to the future 🧑‍🚀

The 80s are back – at least this year and for earrings only! 


Pastel jewels
This mid-year, Chanel explored different avenues regarding bunches of yellow sapphires, pink spinels, mandarin garnets and mint-green tourmalines in its Blé Maria tiara and ornament, some portion of its Le Paris Russe de Chanel assortment. Suzanne Syz, in the interim, went above and beyond, setting pastel jewels in titanium that had been changed to coordinate the shades of carefully hued sea greens/blues, green beryls, morganites, and purplish-pink tourmalines. Sapphires and tourmalines of any pastel shade function admirably for this pattern, as do light-hued rubies, somewhat blue moonstones, and even white opals with the correct kind of shading play. – Jewelry Connoisseur reference – more on TRENDS


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Mix & match the Move flex bracelets and the High Jewelry XXL hoops by Messika


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