Since day 1 of the #covid19, the conspiracy started to drive people to think about the end of the world. Some theories were actually true. Some completely wrong. Here are the best marketing supports that drove companies to restructure:

  • It’s all about China!
  • China. the surge of shopping
  • False conspiracies
  • The stock market is officially going crazy!
  • Switching business models
  • Predicting the end of the world
  • Back to the cooking habits
  • Working from home: the new norm

It’s all about China!

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It’s about time the world focuses its attention on the underlying cause of this pandemic. The thing nobody wants to talk about but knows is the issue. The flagrant disregard & disrespect for wildlife the Chinese government has shown, allowing the trade of illegal wildlife in its wet markets. No point shutting 20,000 down now. Surrounding countries are still doing this. I once read a saying in China, “As long as it has four legs and isn’t a table, as long as it flies and isn’t a plane, as long as it’s in the sea and isn’t a ship, you can eat it.” – source

China. the surge of shopping

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While the rest of the world goes into lockdown, China is re-emerging, some experts say “revenge shopping” could boost a cautious recovery of the luxury industry. Men And Women React Differently to shopping. Some couples are cautiously moving ahead, while others are forced to delay their ‘I do’s’ for now.

The whole world can enter its’ worst recession in history because of a bat.. chaos theory brought to life, yet again. Welcome to The Butterfly effect. Just replace the word 🦋 with 🦇. – Sean Jadoon

False conspiracies

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The beer company Corona being involved with the spread of the #virus, driving the company’s silence. A very good reaction that drove that conspiracy silenced.

How fast can the news travel nowadays? Can we trust all online information anymore?

Humans are inherently stupid. It’s like the financial crisis when people turned up to their banks demanding £50k of their savings without knowing fundamentally banks hold significantly less than 1% of your money on site. More stress tests needed for economies I believe.

#stockmarket is officially going crazy, globally!

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The S&P 500 fell 11% as of 9:51 a.m. in New York, wiping out all of the gains during 2019’s rally and bringing into play the 13% circuit breaker that would pause trading for 15 minutes. The index plunged 8% at the open and trading halted for 15 minutes. Hyper-turbulent financial markets started the week back in risk-off mode, with investors trying to assess the likely extent of the economic damage after countries around the world moved to combat the virus spread by virtually shutting down social activity. The Dow Jones Industrial Average’s loss from its record reached 30%.

What is the future of the market? Can we survive this loss?

Switching business models

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The luxury group LVMH will manufacture “in large quantities” hydroalcoholic gel on three of its French production sites usually dedicated to its perfumes and cosmetics (Dior, Guerlain, and Givenchy), and will give it to hospitals. LVMH has donated to foundations that provide medical supplies, while Dolce & Gabbana is funding researchers looking for a coronavirus treatment. This is one example of a big luxury conglomerate switching their business models to a more caring one. In a matter of days, I received 35 emails of 35 different CEOs of tools I use for my #startup and freelancers changing its sanitary precautions in their headquarter: Zalando, Deliveroo, Trello, Uber eats, Aircall, Phenix, Airtable, Comet, AWS, Slack, Google, … If you are a startup based in France, here is a survival guide during this time of crisis.

The virus also made people realize how small the margins are for most companies. A week or two of no business and they collapse. Can startup survive this business remodelling?

Predicting the end of the world

Did you see the video of #BillGates predicting this sort of similar epidemic during a TED talk? Did you see the Netflix Explained “The next pandemic”? Did you see the theory about the CIA? These videos circulated on WhatsApp forcing people to believe that news channels predicted the truth. Later, Bill Gates has stepped down from the board of Microsoft to spend more time on his philanthropic endeavors like the find for a cure with its new accelerator, the company announced Friday afternoon.

Did you ever think that this #epidemic is happening because of us not caring much to our planet? What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus? – source

Back to the cooking habits

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Measures were circulating on #socialmedia about washing hands with #handgel products and advice about buying lots of #toiletpapers and #pasta for the quarantine time! This movement drove supermarkets empty and fridge full. Finally, a good way to start learning new cooking skills 😉

Did you think of all elderly people that couldn’t rush to the supermarket as fast you did? 

Working from home: the new norm

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#Netflix and #pornhub proposed a free streaming service during the time of quarantine. New subscriptions went off-the-chart even though the company’s employees are sent home! Employees are sent home to work from home which is becoming a new norm for countries like France, Italy, and Lebanon. After having experienced a government restructuring, a natural storm and a virus, Lebanon released its online classes services to try to save future graduates.

Are these new subscribers considered as long term clients or 40-days clients? 

Well, it’s obvious, we’re going to be living with this epidemic for weeks, if not months. Knowing this, we have a choice between two behaviors:

  1. Terror at home panicked, and cross our fingers so that it passes quickly.
  2. Us this period to sustainably change certain behaviors

I’m one of those people who think that you always have to get positive from negative experiences. This epidemic is no exception to the rule. I am deeply convinced that if we put our own in it, once passed, there will remain positive traces of it. Even though everything is going into hell, the virus is doing wonders for the planet. The canals in Venice are crystal clear, heavy metals emissions from China are down significantly as is pollution generally.

Take care, be safe & stay tuned on your couch 🛋😉

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