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In a digital age, we are now emotionally engaging with stories more than ever. According to Susan Weinschenk — a behavioural psychologist, “stories are very powerful. They grab and hold attention.” Why is this pre-owned jewelry special to YOU? What do YOU love about this piece? Was it your grandma’s ring? Is your mom wearing it? ExJewel wants to know all about these little dirty secrets. Now the question remains: Why do ExJewel need it and how do we calculate this invaluable criteria? Find out how ExJewel values jewelry storytelling.

A valuable jewelry collection

From a beautiful love story in love city Paris to a travel throw time with Cartier, modern jewelry brands have used storytelling in all great marketing campaigns. But today, a secret recipe is the key to sell more of your jewelry: Jewelry storytelling, the story behind a certain jewelry collection or design. Would you rather buy jewelry that was inspired from the Great Wall of China or just a brick wall-looking fortress? 

Shiny jewels need a story!

Jewelry stories make wearing a certain jewelry understandable, interesting, and memorable. We jewelry connoisseurs and jewelry designers need a bit of shiny inside stories to actually make a personalised jewelry for your wearer’s! Would you rather give your grandmother’s ring to a jeweler that knows it was worn for several generations? In order to redesign a certain jewelry in some way or another, storytelling comes in handy! 

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In general, pre-owned jewelry carries the wearer’s emotions that are shared to later generations. That’s why the ExJewel team actually added this extra question that made all the difference in jewelry pricing. Pre-owned jewelry is not an easy criteria to calculate even in the most advanced jewelry appraisal tool in the market. It takes millions of data to be relevant. ExJewel makes that difference valuable. We take this little text you wrote and start evaluating each and every word of it.

For a fact, a #generational jewelry is obviously more valuable than a #divorce driven engagement ring. 

Pretty easy right. Well, not really! To make sure the appraisal is accurate, ExJewel takes more than 120 different immaterial criteria such as the above example. We make each one of them valuable in some way. Obviously, some more than others…

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Pre-owned jewelry
Pre-owned jewelry