By Stephane Boghossian, GIA gemologist and jewelry designer, founder & CEO of

I met Adrien Trivier while I was at GIA Carlsbad. I was pursuing the Jewelry Design & Technology (JDT) course and he was attending the Graduate Gemologist (GG) couse. Before being a gemologist, Alain was a house renovator and an art dealer “I renovated houses and I was buying and selling contemporary art”. Now, Alain have travelled across the world to visit mines, to buy unique gemstones for his clients and to attend jewelry trade shows. I got the chance to sit with him over a Gin Tonic at his parent’s house in Quevaucamps, Belgium. Discover his journey through 6 key questions.

What is your background?

I attended GIA et Gem-A in order to grade diamonds and gemstones properly. But quite fast, I fell in love with precious gemstones (Ruby, Emerald, Spinel and Sapphires). I also worked in a laboratory GGTL in Geneva, Switzerland, specialised in melee diamonds for the watch industry.

Publications you may have published?

Between rise paddies and karst pinnacles – The Luc Yen Gemstone ming area
Book review – Mogok The valley of precious stones –

What are your most interesting travels?

Here is a guide.
For Emerald, I advise gem passionate to head over to Pakistan (Swat, Mingora) or to Colombia (MTC, Coscuez and Penas Blancas).
For Spinel, I advise gem passionate to head over to Vietnam (Luc Yen).
For Ruby, I advise gem passionate to head over to Burma, in the valley of Mogok. Also, Chanthaburi in Thailande could be a good refuge for amazing Rubies and Tourmaline.
For Sapphires, I advise gem passionate to head over to Sri Lanka to the district of Ratnapura and Beruwala.

Which fairs did you attended?

If you are looking for fairs to attend to, you’ll always find me in Tuscon, Bankok, Hong Kong or Sainte Marie in France.

Who are your inspirational gemologist and salesman?

  • Frederico Barlocher – Federico’s experiences and travels have established him as a gem and crystal dealer who mainly specializes in the finest and most exclusive untreated Mogok, Myanmar gems such as ruby, sapphire, spinel, peridot, and moonstone. He also deals in mineral specimens (gemstone crystals within/on matrix) from Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan and East Asia, as well as the famous and rare natural melo melo pearls from Southeast Asia.
  • Vincent Pardieu (theoricien not a buyer) – Vincent is a Consultant Field Gemologist at “VP Consulting SPC” since February 2017. From 2008-2017 he was Senior Manager, Field Gemology at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) where he built and managed the first field gemology department in any modern gem laboratory. – and
  • Paul Hargrave – Seasoned Gemologist with 21+ years of experience in all phases of gemology and the jewelry industry. He have an extensive background in appraisals and certifications of gems as well as management and oversight of jewelry businesses. He also possess several professional gemological certifications from accredited institutions and hold memberships in numerous trade organizations.

What do you want to do in the near future?

Before the Covid19, I wanted to cut gemstones in Madagascar. Cutting is a rare skill to have but very interesting to understand the inside of the stone, how the light passes through, etc… Now, I am still debating myself. It’s either I go open a hostel near the beach somewhere in Asia or continue my gem trips.