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Automic gold. Inside one of the most successful brands in the jewelry industry. 

Making jewelry is never just to make money. It is all about expressing identity. For Al Sandimirova, it’s all about expressing her non-binary personality. She created Automic gold, an inclusive and accessible fine jewelry brand. As every entrepreneur, she didn’t create her band overnight 😉 

Reference – Al Sandimirova

Her story.

Al Sandimirova is a LGBT refugee, queer and proud, who arrived in the US in 2009, at 20 years old. She escaped her abusive country and family. She started by buying jewelry from gold refineries, then repaired them, appraised them and sold them on eBay. She created her signature as “non-binary and particularly, non-binary with a more masculine style”. In 2016, she started her line and launched her website in 2017. Now, she runs one of the most successful jewelry businesses in the US. She pretends have refused several offers, funding or loans because she feels she wanted not to compromise her values for numbers. A business, good for the environment, for customers and for employees. What a model to follow! 

Her brand. 

Al Sandimirova hired 10 full-time employees and 2 part-time employees to develop the image you see today. Even though she seems as if she is the Amazon of jewelry, she does not have the structure of it! Also, she wants to be nice to her employees and to her customer care representatives, seeing that behind the brand, real human beings are making sure jewelry is delivered.  

There are some of her values

  • WE DON’T PHOTOSHOP MODELS. Hell yeah to positive, honest body images.
  • REPRESENTATION MATTERS. We hire size-inclusive, non-cis and non-white models all year round, not just for awareness months.
  • RECLAIMED & RECYCLABLE. All pieces are made from reclaimed gold, and arrive in a packaging that is recyclable.
  • SELF-FUNDED. We have never taken money from investors, so we never have to compromise our values for numbers.
  • NO DISCOUNTS. We could charge more than offer you a fake “discount”, but that’s not who we are. Our prices are fair and accessible every day of the year. 

Her goal in life. 

Bring Automic Gold to the next level means to be inclusive, meaning offer a wide range of sizes for all their items. It’s a challenge! “Usually, other brands will have plus sizes in a separate collection. How ridiculous is that?” Ordering custom products just because they have bigger fingers than a 5 to 9 is crazy, according to Refinery29. She wants to bring jewelry accessible again by bringing fashionable, good quality, affordable and in all sizes jewelry. 

We, at ExJewel, highly support initiatives such as Automic Gold. We support bold decisions that are great for the environment. So, for future entrepreneurs like yourself, go on, we are waiting to read all about your brand and how you are changing the industry all together! 🚀