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2020 is your engagement year? ExJewel wrote this article for you, to make sure you are ready and able to choose the best engagement ring for you and your significant other.

The engagement season is here! Even with the Covid-19 crisis, nothing should rob this precious moment from you. To help you decide and find “the one” that won’t get away, we found the latest engagement ring trends of 2020. Let’s dive in and see what the best jewelry designers in the field have to offer.

Yellow Gold Band Engagement Rings

Yellow gold is making a strong come back. We can see more and more shiny gold right now. A real institution among engagement rings, the more “classic” metal is making a massive return for every fashionable bride-to-be happiness.

Yellow gold band diamond engagement ring

Engagement Rings set in “Sustainability”

2020 is the year engagement rings designers begun to shift their craft towards a more transparent and sustainable production. For that, we can thank the young Millennials and the Generation Z tying the knot right now. We now know the Gen Zs regularly sets trends! Those new engagement rings consumers usually align their personal values with those of the brands they use. Authentic stories and how their future rings are made are paramount for them.

Diamonds and pink gold engagement ring by Gemmyo

Different, Atypical and Unique Engagement Rings

Even if we noticed a return in popularity for the more classical engagement rings, 2020 is also the year of the “particular” engagement rings with non traditional (for engagement rings of course) stones and shapes like colored diamonds, unique-shaped diamonds, open rings or emeralds.

Some designers bet on brides wanting personal engagement rings breaking with tradition and they were right. Over the years, we observed a tendency for non-diamond set engagement rings with, instead the use of emerald, black diamonds or sapphire. 2020 is not different and consumers continue to seek out those kinds of rings perpetuating the change in tradition.

Open diamonds engagement ring

Engagement Rings with Original Bands

Part of the current trend is really set on originality. If it does not concern the shape of the stone or the gemstone on itself, it is focusing on the band. Brides are looking for bands that stand out and jewelry designers are delivering. By their consumer behaviors, future newlyweds are saying: “No more ordinary setting for our engagement rings, we want different and unique bands over a solitaire engagement ring”! The tendency is going for non-traditional which ultimately feels special and personal for the hand wearing the engagement ring.

Yellow and white gold diamonds engagement ring
Yellow and white gold diamonds engagement ring

Not one but two or three diamonds, why not?

Why should brides-to-be limit themselves? Good question, they should not and actually they do not. Another great engagement ring trend of 2020 are the multiple stone engagement rings. We noticed an increase in interest for those magnificent (and really expensive but so beautiful) pieces of artistry.

Multiple Diamonds engagement rig
Multiple diamonds engagement ring

Old fashioned is the new fashion

The beginning of the 21st century has seen a return in grace of vintage for many fashion industries and the jewelry industry is one of them. A lot of brides are looking for vintage inspired diamond cuts for their engagement rings like the Art Deco era asscher cut. It is true that those rings can look modern on simple and delicate bands.

Asscher cut diamonds ring
Vintage Art Deco asscher cut diamonds engagement ring

We hope this article on the engagement rings trends of 2020 will help you make your choice for YOUR engagement ring easier and wish you a happy and wonderful wedding!

Edna Mensah
Chief Marketing Officer at ExJewel