💎 What is exjewel today?

Stephane Boghossian
ExJewel is a cloud-based jewelry all-in-one appraisal web app & management platform for all supply chain parties involved in the jewelry appraisal process, including but not limited to Gemologist Appraisers, Certified Jewelry Professionals, Retail Jewelers, Pawn Brokers, Insurance Professionals and end consumers. Sign up today.

💭 What is ExJewel's mission?

Stephane Boghossian

Every jewelry has 2 lives. At ExJewel, we believe that everyone deserve to know what their jewelry is really worth today so that you can decide the second life you want to give them.

ExJewel’s goal is to improve consumerism by helping make sense of jewelry product labels and make better choices for the environment. Our vision is that through informed purchasing, consumers will be able to leverage their buying power to drive jewelry conglomerate towards improving their product offerings.

We believe in a world where jewelry are every human’s friend. 

We will start by becoming a Jewelry Inventory Management system, appraise your jewelry products the right way and then design a second life to your jewelry inventory. 

FYI. We just launched 🚀the first online #webapp able to appraise any #jewel or #gem. We do so on basis of 5.24 million data.

💸 How is the company financed?

Stephane Boghossian

The ExJewel project is financed with two sources of revenue :

  • A paid version of our service. Users who choose to do so can become members and register for one of our Premium offers, which provides several additional features: Unlimited digital appraisal, an Inventory Management and more.
  • An Ethical Program. This program allows future jewelry leaders to learn the basics of a jewelry eco-responsible world in just 6 weeks. The program helps participants discover the world of Jewels, Gems and Metals. 

✊ Is ExJewel a completely independent Web app?

Stephane Boghossian

Exjewel is just a French-based start-up founded by Stephane and his friends.

So yes, the ExJewel web application is entirely independent and is not represented by any government.

This means that our jewelry evaluations and recommendations are entirely objective: no brand or manufacturer can influence them in any way. What’s more, the platform doesn’t do any advertising.

🔒 Does ExJewel exploit user data?

Stephane Boghossian

For ethical reasons, ExJewel does not exploit or resell any user data. The data remains strictly confidential.

💍 How are jewelry products appraised?

Stephane Boghossian

To assess the best appraisal service, we calculate 6 facets of each jewelry:

  1. Precious metals
  2. Precious diamond gemstone 
  3. Level of craft
  4. Design & trends
  5. The first life of a jewelry
  6. If branded, the margin

NB: The resulting calculation is an approximate valuation. The more details you submit, the more accurate your appraisal is gonna be 😉 We can help you achieve the best result possible!

🔍 How was the database created?

Stephane Boghossian

In January 2019, ExJewel decided to create its own database in order to implement advanced systems for monitoring and verifying each upload.

On this day, we count over 5.23 million data points from 37+ sources. We constantly grow this number to make your estimation easier, for individuals and professionals alike.

Currently our database grows via:

  • Contributions from users, who can enter information directly into the web application for any products that aren’t recognized by ExJewel.
  • From industry leaders: mining companies, jewelry fairs, online recommerce platforms, and online suppliers.
  • Certain brands that are willing to provide us with direct access to their product information. Because this information is exactly what is printed on the product labels, there is no conflict of interest involved.

💥 Where did this idea come from?

Stephane Boghossian

The birth of ExJewel come from 6 generations of knowledged jewelers and diamond dealers. Stephane Boghossian, our CEO and Founder, wanted to disrupt the jewelry industry with one goal: reducing the 92% of jewelry that are not sold or worn.

⚡ Why Shazam?

Stephane Boghossian

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Shazam is often used to indicate an instantaneous transformation or appearance. At ExJewel, we use Shazam as the discovery of your jewelry elements, instantly, through image and keywords recognition.

🤔💡 Why is it called ExJewel?

Stephane Boghossian

When the time came to name the Web app, Stephane got inspired of an old tale he once dreamt to read: The story of a jewel that still loved his ex girlfriend after he dumped him 😉