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Engagement Rings Trends of 2020

2020 is your engagement year? ExJewel wrote this article for you, to make sure you are ready and able to choose the best engagement ring for you and your significant other. The engagement season is here! Even with the Covid-19 crisis, nothing should rob this precious moment from you. To help you decide and find […]

Everything you need to know about emeralds for your jewelry collection

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? For all the neofits out there or those who don’t particularly are interested in the jewelry business, it is probably true. But “real” truth be told, diamonds are not the only girl’s (or boy’s for that matter) best friends. There are a lot more other magnificent gemstones worth […]

Record atteint pour la vente aux enchères en ligne d’un bracelet Cartier du style iconique “Tutti Frutti”

La crise mondiale liée au Coronavirus aura irrémédiablement donné un coup d’accélérateur à la transformation digitale de l’activité des Maisons de vente aux enchères. En effet sans autres recours que l’utilisation des outils numériques en ligne, la Maison de vente aux enchères de New York Sotheby’s vient de réaliser un record historique avec la vente […]