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Automic gold. Inclusive brand good for the planet!

Automic gold. Inside one of the most successful brands in the jewelry industry.  Making jewelry is never just to make money. It is all about expressing identity. For Al Sandimirova, it’s all about expressing her non-binary personality. She created Automic gold, an inclusive and accessible fine jewelry brand. As every entrepreneur, she didn’t create her […]

The “make-or-break” moment for couples: The booming resale market, diamond engagement ring

As many aspects of the retail industry struggle to stay on track, one sector is suddenly booming despite the economic recession: the diamond engagement ring resale market! Discover the cause/consequence of this booming trend we caught through Business Insider’s new article.  Cause: Pandemic broken off mariages! Consequence: A mixed venture, buy or sell? Pandemic broken […]

Gold, bold, and trickier to insure

● Surging demand for gold means business is booming at the companies that store and protect the world’s bullion. But record prices come with a catch: All those piles of yellow bars are suddenly much trickier to insure.⠀⠀● For centuries, gold has been an irresistible target of heists both real and fictional. And though theft […]

Turkmen jewelry

As more than two dozen tribal groups of Turkic ethnic and linguistic heritage are collectively known, the Turkmen were pastoral nomads who lived in encampments, raised livestock, bred horses, and occasionally plundered settled areas for booty and slaves. To ensure year-round green pastures for their animals, the tribes moved two or three times a year.The […]

What’s the Difference?

Fair Market Value (FMV) An item’s fair market value, also called the auction value, is what you could reasonably expect it to sell for if you were to take it to auction tomorrow. ExJewel AI estimate this value, which is expressed as a plus and minus value, based on recently achieved auction results for similar […]

Pandora promotes a 100% Circular Silver and Gold by 2025

The company says it will also work with suppliers to increase the availability of recycled silver and improve production standards. “For many years, Pandora has used recycled metals in our designs,” he said. “Now we are ready to take the next step and stop using mined silver and gold altogether. We wish to help develop […]

25 facts that we experienced during this epidemic

25 facts that we experienced during this epidemic Dear survivors, The epidemic of Covid19 came quite at a surprise for the whole world! One day we were launching our online appraisal tool worldwide, and the next day we were all stuck at home with all PR events canceled. March 16th marked the day where everyone had […]