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Pandora promotes a 100% Circular Silver and Gold by 2025

The company says it will also work with suppliers to increase the availability of recycled silver and improve production standards. “For many years, Pandora has used recycled metals in our designs,” he said. “Now we are ready to take the next step and stop using mined silver and gold altogether. We wish to help develop […]

25 facts that we experienced during this epidemic

25 facts that we experienced during this epidemic Dear survivors, The epidemic of Covid19 came quite at a surprise for the whole world! One day we were launching our online appraisal tool worldwide, and the next day we were all stuck at home with all PR events canceled. March 16th marked the day where everyone had […]

Record atteint pour la vente aux enchères en ligne d’un bracelet Cartier du style iconique “Tutti Frutti”

La crise mondiale liée au Coronavirus aura irrémédiablement donné un coup d’accélérateur à la transformation digitale de l’activité des Maisons de vente aux enchères. En effet sans autres recours que l’utilisation des outils numériques en ligne, la Maison de vente aux enchères de New York Sotheby’s vient de réaliser un record historique avec la vente […]

Does Covid19 finally make us realise that luxury is superficial?

Does Covid19 finally make us realise that luxury is superficial? Written by Kaz Lam (Visual merchandiser & fashion stylist, based in HK) & Stephane Boghossian (Founder & CEO of ExJewel, based in Paris) About In this article, you will find some interesting luxury and fashion trends post-covid19. It might help you restructure your brand’s supply chains and boost your online shop to […]

Webinars: The New Norm of Jewelry Education

Webinars: The New Norm of Jewelry Education The coronavirus pandemic has forced nonessential businesses worldwide to close and people to stay at home as much as possible in order to flatten the case curve. Those cooped up at home who are, blessedly, still healthy are looking for information on how to get help for their […]

What is going to change for the jewelry industry post-covid-19?

An open investigation: Top 3 jewelry trends post-covid-19 The Covid-19 crisis put the trade of jewelry and precious stones on hold: transactions froze, some precious metal prices dropped, diamond prices fluctuated, jewelry production all but shut down, and jewelry stock depreciated in value. The global disease is testing our sector’s ability to continue to add […]

Storytelling: Pre-owned Jewelry Appraisal

In a digital age, we are now emotionally engaging with stories more than ever. According to Susan Weinschenk — a behavioural psychologist, “stories are very powerful. They grab and hold attention.” Why is this pre-owned jewelry special to YOU? What do YOU love about this piece? Was it your grandma’s ring? Is your mom wearing […]

Diamond Transparency in the Supply Chain

Today, the diamond sector supports the livelihood of 10 million people globally, including 99.8% Kimberley Process certified. What if we lost track of these beautiful white jewels? The diamond’s journey of three billion years highlights the over-supply of rough diamonds redefining the next value diamond would take. ExJewel deep-dived into finding the next diamond trend. […]

Post-protest: Hong Kong under [COVID-19] tsunami

Post-protest: Hong Kong under [COVID-19] tsunami  Co-written by Kaz Lam & Stephane Boghossian Hong Kong and China have been through SARS 1 in 2003. During this time, people bought a lot of gold, jewelry, and especially real estate property. The population became very rich after the crisis because they bought the assets at the lowest […]