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Post-protest: Hong Kong under [COVID-19] tsunami

Post-protest: Hong Kong under [COVID-19] tsunami  Co-written by Kaz Lam & Stephane Boghossian Hong Kong and China have been through SARS 1 in 2003. During this time, people bought a lot of gold, jewelry, and especially real estate property. The population became very rich after the crisis because they bought the assets at the lowest […]

Stock Off Rapnet: Rapaport, DeBeers & Diamonds

Stock Off Rapnet: Rapaport, DeBeers & Diamonds Written by Stephane Boghossian  Last week on Friday, Martin Rapaport broke the Diamond Rap price again by 7% across all types and sizes. Diamond suppliers around the world got furious and joined forces against the “champion of the everyman polishers and manufacturers”. Not everyone in the world was […]

How the New Coronavirus Impacts the Jewelry Industry

Written by Julian Walter – Marketing specialist at ExJewel (Europe, India) Economic and social shutdowns have a far-reaching impact on the jewelry industry and it affects every step in the supply chain – from mining companies to small vintage jewelry merchandisers, they now all must fight for their survival. What is the status quo and […]

From #Corona 🍺 to #Purell. Conspiracy theories double-checked.

Since day 1 of the #covid19, the conspiracy started to drive people to think about the end of the world. Some theories were actually true. Some completely wrong. Here are the best marketing supports that drove companies to restructure: It’s all about China! China. the surge of shopping False conspiracies The stock market is officially going […]

Jewelry & mobile apps: Top 5 mobile jewelry app of 2020

2019 was the year of the digital age for the jewelry and diamond industry. 2020 is the year where the niche luxury industry invests in mobile apps to enhance jewelry, diamond and gemstone buying and selling experience for consumers and retailers. Here are the top 5 mobile apps we, at ExJewel, think are a must […]

Why is gold so expensive?

Gold is the shining embodiment of wealth. Not only is it used to make expensive products, but it’s also used to add extra bling to luxurious items, from smartphones to supercars, and even beef steaks. But other metals that are rarer than gold are much cheaper. So, why is gold so expensive? Scientists believe gold […]

ExJewel tested 5 online jewelry Buy & Sell platforms and we highly recommend…

(Re)commerce = digital marketplace where you are able to buy second-hand or vintage jewelry at affordable prices.   The digital revolution has created electronic space for us where we can communicate, socialize, shop, buy, sell and trade over the internet. While the coronavirus has created a terrible challenge for traditional business, it is creating unprecedented opportunities […]

Jewelry under [covid-19] attack! 🦠

INTRO The coronavirus has brought about an unexpected turn of events, one the jewelry industry has never had to face previously. The virus is a global pandemic affecting everyone, everywhere. It’s frightening and bewildering at the same time– which means our natural reaction is to freeze. Isolation is the only cure so every country’s government […]