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Vision 2050: ISABELLE HOSSENLOPP Intervenante et Journaliste

Cet interview est tiré de la thèse “The Afterlife of Branded Jewelry” Il m’a été dit à plusieurs reprises que les gens n’avaient pas besoin d’objets de luxe (bijoux en particulier), mais plutôt qu’ils les voulaient. Pourquoi pensez-vous que les gens les veulent bien que nous sachions que nous n’en avons pas besoin? (référence: Biens […]

Are diamonds forever?

To be frank with you, diamonds are not forever. They do last long but what I wanted to say is that diamonds can dissolve from its meaning and lose value. It can lose value depending on the market demand or even can lose value. 1/ Storytelling, marketing, and luxury? From Nutella to Cartier, storytelling is […]

Fantasmes autour des diamants synthétiques

(Photo principale: courtesy Courbet) Plus de 40% de la production de diamants est destinée à un usage industriel. Cet usage recouvre principalement des diamants de faible qualité, impropres à l’utilisation en joaillerie, ainsi que des diamants de synthèse. Ces diamants sont utilisés pour la découpe, le forage et le polissage de matériaux. Le diamant est […]

Gemmologie et expertise, comment s’y retrouver ?

Rédigé par Gaelle Seret et Raphael Thierry Illustration principale, crédit : bar-a-voyages.com La gemmologie est une science en évolution avec l’amélioration des connaissances scientifiques et des technologies. À la rencontre entre la minéralogie, la chimie et la géologie, la gemmologie rassemble les contributions à la compréhension des gemmes précieuses, pierres ornementales et organiques. Pour les plus curieux, […]

Virtual inventory vs. physical inventory

The jewelry industry did a breakthrough digital inventories Online inventory revolutionized the consumption patterns The physical inventory is still popular Is there one model better than another? Historical jewelers and online jewelers face different challenges The jewelry industry did a breakthrough digital inventories The online inventory represents now around 18% of the global jewelry market […]

Is Instagram the new jewelers’ gold?

Today, most of the branded stores have developed an active professional Instagram page. This strategy allows to share their brand mood & feel, like a virtual window to their brand and what they offer (a little of their values is thrown in there to spice up the visuals). By investing in Instagram, jewelry brands bet […]

#10 Jewelry unvalued

“Jewellery is weighted with meaning. It doesn’t matter what it is, there is likely to be some sentimental or emotional reason you wear a particular thing – in my case, I wear my mother’s wedding ring on my right hand, and a battered, misshapen silver thumb ring, bought for me by my youngest daughter with […]

Embracing a new responsible supply chain

The whole Exjewel services conduct the jewelry industry to better social and environmental impact. We created a new responsible supply chain. Thank’s to the digital appraisal service which promotes the repurpose of old jewels, Exjewel allowed recycling 18 kilos of gold and 53 carats of diamonds. We think that the best way to reduce the […]

🙀 I went undercover and that’s what I found out! 

#Storytelling is becoming the most important marketing strategies of all time. It captures the customers to their core micro-needs and drives them to walk up to the right store to buy their wedding ring. Telling a story is quite hard, especially if you wanna have the best chance to drive as much as future customers […]