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Fine jewelry’s coming out

The article was written by Raphael Thierry ——————————————————————————————— Like fashion, the jewelry sector followed the quick path of mass consumption. Was it an error ? Is it going to pay off on the long run ? ExJewel disrupts the French jewelry market in mixing technology and ethics. With our repurpose service we believe in promoting […]

💥Resale is on the move, people… & it’s online!

Read the article on our blog. From big retailers to small retailers, seed stage investors to large buyout firms, and from the New York Times to Netflix, everyone seems to be talking about the future of resale. It’s about time! Like all major movements and category disruptions, mainstream adoption happens over time, and this category […]

ExJewel meets the Emerald passionate, Adrien Trivier

Adrien Trivier (Gem specialist and dealer) Diamonds are indeed forever but recently, I’ve been witnessed in very high demand in gemstones. Do you think diamonds will rise again throughout the years? Colored stones (Emerald and Sapphires) demand is increasing for a few years now. If you know Gemfield, they are excelling in this field, they […]

🤬 💍 The dark truth about buying brand-new jewelry today!

#JewelTheBot Have you ever wondered why jewelry prices went up this last decade? While fine jewelry is still at affordable prices, brand new jewelry are costing less to be made but still are surcharged for their quality. Don’t get me started with designer pieces… Marketing pretends its high rarity of gemstone providers, exclusive design and […]

My mother was my first client! 🤱

ExJewel was founded after a successful first story, and satisfied, client! “I believe that jewelry is embedded with real memories and personal values that should be told, passed on and shared with other family members, future generations and eventually friends.” Stephane Boghossian Project #1 // It all started with THE first client… I was lucky enough […]

Exjewel #7: The need for after-sale services. Basically, people want to renew their wardrobe ♥️

The jewelry supply chain When do we sell well? Opportunities When things go south  An alternative to buying jewelry through retail Buy jewelry from sell-as-in services (Auction houses) Buy jewelry from B2C services (Online retailers) Closed Cycle: Repair your jewelry and wear it again! Sharing economy: Rent jewelry today! C2C platform: Buy jewelry from X […]

ExJewel #6: Same-sex marriages mean more men jewelry?

Let’s talk about before A little bit of history Jewelry sales today Trendy Pendy (men’s jewelry trend) Just for love Man-gagement ring Same Love Some jewelers ————————————————————————————————————— Let’s talk about before Until a few years ago, the jewelry market was just for few jewelry passionates, lovers and couples. This changed since the coming of a […]

It’s all about family. Inside the Boghossian

Heritage Corner ” Based on the records of our church, I would like my children, my grandchildren and their descendants to know that the Boghossian family is one of Mardine’s most important families. ” by Ohannes Boghossian The Boghossian name is rich with more than a hundred years of deep rooted knowledge in diamonds, precious […]