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Why is gold so expensive?

Gold is the shining embodiment of wealth. Not only is it used to make expensive products, but it’s also used to add extra bling to luxurious items, from smartphones to supercars, and even beef steaks. But other metals that are rarer than gold are much cheaper. So, why is gold so expensive? Scientists believe gold […]

ExJewel tested 5 online jewelry Buy & Sell platforms and we highly recommend…

(Re)commerce = digital marketplace where you are able to buy second-hand or vintage jewelry at affordable prices.   The digital revolution has created electronic space for us where we can communicate, socialize, shop, buy, sell and trade over the internet. While the coronavirus has created a terrible challenge for traditional business, it is creating unprecedented opportunities […]

Jewelry under [covid-19] attack! 🦠

INTRO The coronavirus has brought about an unexpected turn of events, one the jewelry industry has never had to face previously. The virus is a global pandemic affecting everyone, everywhere. It’s frightening and bewildering at the same time– which means our natural reaction is to freeze. Isolation is the only cure so every country’s government […]

Zaha Hadid: From Architecture to jewelry design!

Last week, we talked about how jewelry trends can affect the price of the jewelry. Well today, I am gonna focus on one specific trend: Architecture and more specifically geometry. Geometric structures, clean lines, ornate details, and raw materials: it’s no surprise that timeless architectural design has sparked the imagination of many contemporary jewelry designers. […]

HOW TO? £462.500 or £25.000?

We can shazam music in less than 1-minute, buy a $50,000 VVS1 H diamond from India online in minutes, produce an exact replica of your perfect diamonds and trace your natural diamonds to its origin. The jewelry industry is hitting into the next-level innovation cycle where you can automate tasks quite easily, changing a lot […]

How to enhance your production made in France?

In the country of Asterix, the made in France has real value for consumers: it refers to the small Gallic village that still resists the invader, globalization. Therefore, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of this commercial argument …  The “made in France” is now banalized but a long time ago, before globalization, […]

Diamond alternatives

Even though natural diamond is natural, exceptionally beautiful and durable, customers choose to go-to alternatives for their engagement ring.  As an engagement ring is typically worn on a daily basis, over time, these materials maintain their beauty. Several alternatives have emerged into the market and today we see 6 main competitors that we analyzed for […]

Antwerp diamond district: a lost diamond hub?

Competition is rising between diamond trading centers. Not only are there new online suppliers ‎on the net vying for a greater portion of the global rough and polished trade, but the ‎diamond distribution channel is constantly changing.  Antwerp: leader for 70 years:  Over $16 billion in polished diamonds pass through the Antwerp diamond district’s exchanges […]

Luxury Brands and ethical sourcing

Fair or recycled gold, synthetic gems, lab-grown diamonds … The jewelry industry deals with the depletion of natural resources. At ExJewel, we wanted to make sure that everybody is aware of all the changes that are being done regarding the sourcing of precious metals and stones. Chopard Chopard created a global buzz by announcing that from […]