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Buy & sell pre-loved jewelry & loose gemstones to reduce carbon footprint.

A new digital supply chain for the modern world.

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Our promise

Private, with convenience, trust and simplicity

We value your privacy and treat your transactions with the ultimate discretion. It’s never been easier to de-clutter your home and lengthen the lifetime of glitterious and preloved jewelry to lessen their environmental impact.

Open-source, getting started is easy, earning is even easier

Through our open-sourced appraisal system, we deliver the best prices to buyers and sellers. No bidding & no mark-ups, we promise!

Traceable, from mine to sale to resale

We work with leaders of the blockchain industry to offer full traceability of your products. Centralising data will fight against fake and counterfeit products.

Ethical, rethinking LuxuryTech, respectful to the environment

We aim at disrupting the traditional procurement of mining by reusing jewelry pieces that are no longer in use. The idea is to make long-lasting and sustainable products led by recycling and innovation.

Transparent, standard pricing at best market trends

We understand market prices and analyse the market trends constantly. This means we can predict prices better than anyone else in the market. As a result, we pay sellers more and charge buyers less. Also, an appraisal service, 100% digital, is at disposal.

Fast, buy a jewel token online in a click

We accept fine unbranded jewelry, branded jewelry from 35+ top selling designers, natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds, natural and cultivated pearls.

An effortless marketplace

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2/ Appraise 

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3/ Find a buyer 

After submission, your jewelry is available to all members of the ExJewel platform

4/ Get paid instantly!

Once each item has sold, we securely transfer your earnings to your bank account

After raising a crowdfunding campaign, we came together to offer the best appraisal service, the first 100% digital. More than +40K jewelry were uploaded even during crisis times! 🎉 Now, we are raising a pre-Seed round to rethink marketplaces all together. We are hoping to launch starting 2021. 

“With perfect knowledge of the jewelry market comes the ability to meet great people at unique times.”