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My name is Stéphane Boghossian. I am the founder of ExJewel. Well, you would ask me tons of questions now, one would be: what is ExJewel really about? For the moment, ExJewel is a 5-year dream plan. To kick-off this launching, below are 15 reasons why I created a new jewelry brand focused on technology, heritage, and after-sale. The blog is a kind of testimonial on the jewelry world of today. Trust me on that, I am not dying anytime soon or… think of killing the industry by revealing all these dirty little secrets (an obvious ”15 reasons why” joke) ;)

Nowadays customers are savvier, more demanding and even smarter. Above that, technology does help to market, sell and play with customers’ behaviors. On further posts, you will be able to go through each reason in-depth, hopefully understanding the beautiful jewel world I myself fell in love with, 20 years ago. I will be here to answer all your doubts and questions if needed. Well, you will come to understand that I want you to learn enough about the jewelry world before paying an X amount on a one-carat engagement ring you’re gonna offer your future wife.

Enough said, the first article will be on the dying luxury market and the opportunities elsewhere. Stay tuned for more information.

1. Dying luxury, please help me!

2. Sustainability: core or storytelling

3. Customization is the key to success.  

4. I want to get inspired by everything around me!

5. TechXJewel: Let’s 3D Printing this ring, blockchain diamonds and Ai this customer services

6. Do same-sex marriages mean more men jewelry?

7. The need for after-sale services. Basically, people want to renew their wardrobe

8. The vintage market is rising 20% and this rise is continuously growing

9. Brandless: Should we trust brands like Tiffany & Cartier? 

10. Jewelry unvalued

11. Would you buy this ring on Instagram?

12. Luxury Brands and ethical sourcing

13. At ExJewel, Story matters.

14. Lab-Grown gemstones are already in the market and they will stay for a while!

15. Virtual stock vs. physical stock


ExJewel #5. Tech X Jewel: Let’s 3d print this ring, blockchain these diamonds and Ai this customer service!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction  A. Key innovations I. The evolution of material and design  3D printed jewelry: Supply chain…

#4. I want to get inspired by everything around me!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Design thinking 1.1 Inspiration is key The challenges of innovation Unleash people’s full creative energies Meet Maria Tools…
dessin bijoux

#3. Customization is the key to success.  

Illustration credit to @gaelleseret Think just 10 years back, if you wanted to buy a ring for your future wife, you would still go to Lafayette or a close friend of your that happens to be a jeweller in Place Vendome, look at what they offer…

#2: Sustainability: core or storytelling?

Key dates 1948 "Diamonds are forever” campaign by "DeBeers" —> commercialisation of the engagement ring 1950 First appearance of diamonds simultant (Cubic Zirconia, Moissonite - Diamond simulant )1977 "Swarovski"…
Sara nassar Jewelry

#1: Dying luxury, please help me!

Illustration credit to @saranassarjewellery Luxury & heritageLuxury goods are a social signal, as psychologists and economists will attest. They broadcast a message about status and taste, in part through their high-end materials, craftsmanship,…