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In January 2019, ExJewel decided to create its own database in order to implement advanced systems for monitoring and verifying each upload.

On this day, we count over 5.23 million data points from 37+ sources. We constantly grow this number to make your estimation easier, for individuals and professionals alike.

Currently our database grows via:

  • Contributions from users, who can enter information directly into the web application for any products that aren’t recognized by ExJewel.
  • From industry leaders: mining companies, jewelry fairs, online recommerce platforms, and online suppliers.
  • Certain brands that are willing to provide us with direct access to their product information. Because this information is exactly what is printed on the product labels, there is no conflict of interest involved.

You are welcome to contact us if you are willing to share your data with us. 

In exchange, we will be able to grant you access to our appraisal tool for FREE.

Reliable Benchmark Standard

ExJewel was awarded, the 2nd biggest jewelry cloud database in the world.  

ExJewel have carefully picked up different sources of jewelry pricing data to provide the most accurate estimation results. Our independence and more than 5M of wholesale precious stones price acquired has made ExJewel a reliable standard for independent, market-driven and accurate estimation.

We continuously add new online shops to our tracking list, so our database of precious stones pricing is steadily growing. To optimize accuracy, we make sure that only reasonable offers are entered into the database. All specimens with noticeably unusual prices are rejected and therefore have no impact upon the prediction model.

We are using supervised machine learning to predict gemstones, diamonds and pearl values based on the specific factors influencing gem pricing. The system can generalize what it learned from the collected data, and it uses this information to predict values for new input data provided by the user.

Apart from providing price prediction based on the trained model, we also analyze and publish useful insights into current jewelry markets such as the design micro and macro trends. This information helps jewelry professionals and amateurs to educate themselves about the market and make better-informed decisions concerning trading and collecting.


API integrations

We integrated external trusted database to ease your appraisal digital experience.

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37+ sources

exjewel scrapes 5.23 millions public and proprietary data from 37+ sources to provide the best online appraisal service. We constantly nurture this database with valuable partnerships. For ethical reasons, we don’t disclose more information on our supplier partners. 

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