Give new generations a chance to innovate a century old industry

To study the future of the industry, we need to design it better. With gathering the right innovation and our understanding of how system works, we are gonna build a more responsible and ethical solutions. Giving the problems the world is facing, we bring a viable solution to the industry.

“Innovation drives motivation”  🚀

The syllabus is what you'll learn by doing great with creative tools

📚 Key lesson: Who does what?

📋 Key task: The lifecycle of a diamond jewelry

🧠 Key tool: Brainstorming (mindmap,  infographic)

This workshop immerses you in the world of diamonds in every detail of the entire production chain. Discover a real world tour of this exceptional jewels, by delivering you the appreciation techniques as well as the most recent evolutions, accompanied by a complete summary of the available offer.

📚 Key lesson: How stuffs works?

📋 Key task: Digitalisation of an ecosystem

🧠 Key tool: Web tools, A.I., Blockchain, 3D printing and more

“Once it’s online, it’s online.” This workshop presents you the innovation in jewelery around concrete cases extremely promising. In addition, it offers an exercise dedicated to finding a new sales channel in connection with the Tech.

📚 Key lesson: How stuffs works?

📋 Key task: Understand the fundamentals, pillars.

🧠 Key tool: the classic… 4Ps, 6Ws, PESTEL& Competitive Analysis

This workshop delivers you the secrets of an effective storytelling in order to propose to your customers a new story. Here, we propose to work on the elements of the content of your brand while creating the persona that suits you.

📚 Key lesson: Is it too late?

📋 Key task: A flight between luxury giants

🧠 Key tool: Market trends, debates and more predictions…

This workshop invites you to reflect on the issues around a market that must rethink the process of its offer in a context of awareness of the majority of industries and people to the responsibility towards the planet.

5. New generations of customers

📚 Key lesson: Who are we? cultural

📋 Key task: Timelines

🧠 Key tool: Cases, personas, Netflix & chill 🍿

This workshop guides you on developments in the world jewelry market. The emergence of developing countries and the new habits of the millennials represent as many opportunities to seize as risks for those who did not anticipate them. You will be challenged on a strategic plan to export an international brand.

6. You choose

We also offer you a fully modular workshop on the subject of your choice. We will apply a case study according to your expectations, to validate together beforehand.

Hundreds of students around Europe have already proven to bring problem solving a peace of cake 🍰 

Academie des metiers d'art

“Great understand of the market trends and how the world is constantly challenged by epidemics and innovations.”

by Johnny, director of AMA


“We created great personas that fitted businesses. We also created great marketing strategies targeting these personas.”

Diana Derval, INSEEC X Derval Research @ Paris, France


“We have used ExJewel’s skills in the jewelry industry to demonstrate other luxury start-ups about the complexity of the supply chain. Very instructive and straight to the point.”

Jean-Baptiste Andreani, Director of IFA Paris campus 


” ExJewel was very helpful to understand the market trends related on the diamond industry”

Peter, Gemologist at HRD @Antwerp Diamond District, Belgium

& 15 other schools in the European region

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✅ Remote learning friendly

✅ All 6 presentations in PDF

✅  A secure drive to post your assignments

 ✅ 6 workshops = 6 half-days to choose from (Zoom, Google Meet, Jitsi

 ✅ The right tools, just like an entrepreneur (Figma, Trello, Slack, Mindnote)


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