FEB 2020

ExJewel X Schoolab X Ecole Polytechnique

During 2 months, 6 students (Khan Shayan, Kunst Clemens, Alkan Gökçe, Joly Kimberly, You Jingmao, Chen Qiwen) from Master 2 IoT in Ecole Polytechnique will be working with the ExJewel team. They will be focusing on studying the gemstone prices (Emerald, Sapphire & Ruby) in order to standardise its pricing along our algorithm.


JAN 2020

ExJewel X l'Academie des metiers d'art 😉

Academie des metiers d'art

DEC 2019

Nov 2019

OCT 2019

ExJewel launches its crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank

Kiss Kiss Bank Bank logo

Sept 2019

A team of 6 ESCP students joins the ExJewel team for 6 months!

JULY 2019

ExJewel develops its first chatbot, #TheJewelBot, as a virtual expert jeweler!

The chatbot is able to answer questions from digital visitors, with more than 250 questions / answers, constantly improving customer service.

transparent exjewel logo

ExJewel X Y Combinator

ExJewel joins the online learning platform by Y Combinator.

startup school y combinator

JUNE 2019

ExJewel welcomes its first intern, Raphael Thierry, as part of our Business Development team.

Coming from a 5th generation jeweler family, I have always been fascinated by the world of gems. With a Master in Business Development and preliminary knowledge of the business, I accompany Exjewel daily in the development of new services for individuals and professionals. My goal is to rethink the traditional and artisanal character of jewelery, in order to innovate and optimize the value chain to answer the ethical and environmental problems of the profession.

Raphael Thierry

APRIL 2019

ExJewel X Schoolab

Good blood cannot lie: it is certainly not a coincidence, but a logical step in Stéphane's career to create ExJewel. This project combines his interests, his passion and his personality: a sharp creative sense, a declared passion for innovation and a particular sensitivity for the respect of the environment. The taste for entrepreneurship is finally the catalyst for ExJewel. If the Parisian environment is a first natural step, joining the Schoolab incubator is the second.

Schoolab incubator
Schoolab logo

MAY 2019

EXJEWEL SAS is born from the association of 2 experts in High Jewelry, passionate about digital innovation

Gaelle Seret, ex-COO et ex-co-founder: "Specialist of the 'commodities' market, I had been working as finance & IT project manager for several years. Passionate about jewelry. My project of conversion germinated during 2 years before I dare to launch myself. This break allowed me to be interested in the manufacturing, design and selection of raw materials. ExJewel is a project that brings my aesthetic and ecological values. It allows us to promote the work of highly skilled artisans, creative artists and unused raw materials."

Gaelle Seret

JAN 2019

ExJewel's identity is born

exjewel logo

DEC 2018

An idea put in action in the lean startup fahsion. A first customer, a first success!

"Initially, I responded to a request from Stephane to implement his original idea: give a second life to a jewel that is precious to me but that I no longer wear! More precisely a very beautiful row of pearls but become much too classic for my taste. Three weeks later, around Christmas, he surprises me and offers me, in a new staging, 4 '' new '' jewels that I do not get tired of wearing! Knowing that he has put aside some pearls waiting to come and crimp a new jewel ... but I'm waiting for the opportunity to do it. "

SEPT 2018

The concept of ExJewel

The concept of Exjewel is born from Stephane's thesis at the IFA in Paris. The new look of the 6th generation of jewelers on an industry that is part of his family heritage. An idea, a concept waiting to be put into action.


Stephane Boghossian

STEPHANE BOGHOSSIAN, founder of EXJEWEL, is moving towards a general training of Design (NABA / Milan). Soon he is interested in jewelry and has its most noble extension, diamond and colored stones. He goes most naturally to his hometown of Antwerp, where he studies Gemmology (HRD), then goes on to Design Jewelery (GIA / USA) and pushes to Bombay (IIGJ). Paris, capital of luxury, is the culmination of its course with a Masters in Luxury Marketing (IFA).

GIA boghossian


An inspiration: Gerard Boghossian

Arriving on the diamond market in Antwerp, my father had a valuable baggage: he was a Boghossian! Five generations of jewelers and a name that had been enriched, through the permanent exodus of family members, by the cultures of each host country. Gerard shared this love that brings together our family for so many generations around the jewel, precious stones, goldsmithery and the precision of the gesture well done. So it was natural that he knotted with this universe that rocked our family, the Jewelery and especially the diamond, flagship stone of the Antwerp market!

Gerard Boghossian

< 1900

The first generation of traditional Boghossian jewelers was born in Armenia. A business that remains 100% family to this day!

Boghossian family