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ExJewel’s web application is the first precious gemstone & diamond appraisal tool for all. Synthetic, treated & natural friendly.

Gemstone appraisal & Diamond Price Calculator

Find out current average market value of your gemstone within minutes

Diamond appraisal

Diamonds appraisal

Includes 10+ shapes such as round, pear, emerald, princess, melee diamonds (coming soon), old European cuts, natural fancy color including yellow, champagne, blue, and pink, synthetic and treated diamonds. Diamond appraisal made easy.

Gemstones appraisal

Major Precious gemstones including Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald as well as 20 varieties of semi-precious gems including major and lesser known gem varieties. Gemstone appraisal made easy.

👍 Hundreds of Gemstone Suppliers Worldwide have Signed up to use ExJewel's FREE gemstone Appraisal Tool!

ExJewel has developed an easy-to-use gemstone appraisal platform for all supply chain actor. ExJewel is a well-known reference resource for gemstone and diamond industry professionals. ExJewel is recognised by all supply chain professionals.

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Finish your Gemstone Appraisal in 3 minutes! Super-fast and accurate!

You will get an estimation of current market price for your gemstone and diamond within minutes

Jewelry professional - gemologist

Appraise gemstone through A.I.

ExJewel have carefully picked up different sources of gemstone & diamond pricing data to provide the most accurate results for your appraisals.

Data about current gemstone  and diamond prices 

Statistical analysis thanks to our A.I. technology

Gemstone & Diamond valuation based on real data