Wear it with Transparence.

Repair with confidence.

A Jewelry Insurance with Better Coverage, Transparency & Instant Appraisals. Start to insure jewelry now.

Join ExJewel Insurance Plan & Benefit from:

100% Protection

jewelry is covered when it’s lost, stolen, damaged or gone missing 

Mobile Friendly Interface

your digital vault is freely accessible on all your devices, mobile & web, with convenient dropdown menu

Send / Receive Documents

appraisals that goes in & out from your shop to all your customers

Image Recognition

ExJewel developed an image recognition proofing system

Instant Appraisals

ExJewel is the fastest appraisal and proof system for jewelry & gemstones 


appraisals are based on real-time precious costs (so much more than gold)

Precious All-in-one

appraise and insure all your favorite gemstones (lab-grown diamond included)

Traceable Inventory

upon your first appraisal, your jewelry is secured, traceable and insured by ExJewel’s data center.

No Hidden Fees

no hidden additional service charges or fees, satisfaction guarantied

All-in-one Coverage. A jewelry insurance all inclusive.

Your ring goes missing. Perhaps you left it at the hotel while you were rushing to catch your flight or it was stolen from your apartment. Or you damaged your engagement ring by snagging a prong on your clothes. Don’t worry, your jewelry is Covered & will be replaced or repaired with $0 deductible. ExJewel’s specialty jewelry insurance coverage is worldwide, so you can feel free to travel and wear your jewelry with confidence.

Better Rates for all size Vaults. Insure jewelry online.

At ExJewel, we specialize in jewelry insurance, and better manage risk and control costs through the use of our technology. These savings are passed onto our customers in the form of better rates. You’ll benefit from our modern delivery, exceptional coverage and low costs, all while having full control and flexibility with your policy. Cancel anytime – receive a full refund in the first 30 days (pro-rated thereafter).

Insurance for any Collection Size

Whether you are looking to insure a single item, or your entire jewelry collection, with ExJewel, you will receive the same great low rate on all of your favorite jewelry.

Jewelry Insurance Costs

Protecting your jewelry probably costs much less than you’d think. For most people, the annual cost of a policy is just 1-2% of the replacement value of the item their looking to insure. For example, an insurance policy on a $7,000 diamond engagement ring could cost as little as $70 per year!

Gemstone & Diamond graders at your fingerprint. Insure jewelry online at ease.

ExJewel proudly insure jewelry with diamonds graded by worldwide gemological laboratories such as GIA, HRD, IGI, GSI, and many more (12+ additional labs)

Recommended by the leaders of modern Insurance

ExJewel is launching the jewelry insurance service for existing and new users by the end of 2020. This service will be available in Europe with 100% worldwide coverage in partnership with the leader of insurance. Insure your jewelry.

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