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We are changing the way jewelers and jewelry owners alike manage their prized possessions 💍 💎

The jewelry’s turnover speed is low due to the time- and labor-consuming nature of the manual appraisal process.

We made it (finally) 100% digital and instantaneous to appraise a piece of jewelry, by combining customer input (photo, details) with millions of public and proprietary data points as well as market trends.

🧐 What ExJewel can do for you?

  • Appraise your unsold stock of jewelry, new, second-hand and vintage. FYI, our algorithm can recognize 35+ brands!
  • Estimate the value of your precious gemstones, diamonds are included (natural and synthetics)
  • Add one jewel (jewelry or gemstone) or more to start managing your stock properly!
  • Coming soon. You’ll be able to sell your unused and unsold inventory quickly and digitally.
  • Coming soon. You’ll be able to insure your stock once it hits your inventory stock!

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