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Discover the first Online Jewelry Appraisal Tool 💍

ExJewel.io developed an online web tool based on artificial intelligence to estimate the value of your jewelry stock. Instant, professional and certified appraisal. Get your first jewelry appraisal for FREE or upgrade anytime.

A circular supply chain ♻️

ExJewel’s tech-powered jewelry appraisal tool is changing the way jewelers and jewelry owners alike manage their prized possessions. Today, 92% of jewelry sold is not worn in any single year, but turnover speed is low due to the time- and labour-consuming nature of the manual appraisal process.

The environmental problems generated by businesses in the jewelry industry lie mainly in the excessive supply of precious stones and materials needed to create a jewel. We believe that it is possible to reinvent the jewelry industry by recycling existing materials.

ExJewel is committed to promoting the jewelry eco-system ethically, respectfully of the environment. We aim at disrupting the traditional procurement of mining by reusing jewelry pieces that are no longer in use. The idea is to make long-lasting and sustainable products led by recycling and innovation. 

We finally made appraisal 100% digital and instantaneous to appraise a piece of jewelry 😎

By combining customer input (photo, details) with millions of public and proprietary data points, ExJewel.io is able to give a quick and accurate appraisal for all your gemstones and jewelry. Also, our pricing algorithm learns from new customer data and market trends. In other words, we use advanced AI to improve appraisals.

Upload securely a photo of your jewelry
  1. 📸 Upload securely a photo of your jewelry
  2. 📃 Fill up the interactive form using #keywords
  3. 🤑 Get an algorithmically generated price for your jewelry, instantaneously.
  4. 🗄 Upload more to build your digital vault!
  5. 🛡 Insure your vault (coming soon)
  6. 🛍 Sell your inventory to a worldwide customers (coming soon)

Jewelry inventory management has never been easier

Your customers seek authentication & transparency. ExJewel has partnered with industry leaders to certify every estimation that is processed by our algorithm. This certification will be your jewelry’s identity card recognised by the ecosystem.

  • Insure your jewelry for safe keeping (coming soon)
  • Risk-free for damaged, destroyed or stolen goods
  • Sell your jewelry inventory in a secure marketplace (coming soon)
  • Increase your jewelry turnover by 15% with a digital appraisal at your disposition
  • With advanced blockchain technology, we might be able to trace back the origin of your jewels (coming soon)
Jewelry appraisal

ExJewel.io is made for all-sized jewelry connoisseurs including but not limited to contract jeweler, jewelry designer, gemstone supplier, jewelry retailer and wholesaler, gemologist and insurance company.

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All your jewels for 500€ 

*jewel = 💍 or  💎

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