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92% of all jewelry is not sold by businesses, neither worn by customers. ExJewel is responding to this crisis in order to fix the industry and restore balance.

By integrating ExJewel as a jewelry inventory management solution, companies are now able to efficiently run all their management needs from one platform, allowing employees to create and attain access to all the information about their products.

ExJewel enables users to customize their inventory needs while allowing the addition of tailor-made solutions to enhance the efficiency of their inventory management.

1. Upload and appraise

ExJewel has designed the first jewelry appraisal service, 100% digital so that both businesses and customers can evaluate their jewelry stock.


Share to your Friends and Family using predetermined templates

Live Appraisal

It’s live! Your jewelry takes less than 1 minute to be estimated. 


ExJewel disrupted the vintage industry by offering the fastest appraisal!

2. Certify your jewelry

ExJewel has partnered with industry leaders to certify the estimation that is processed. Certifications can increase your jewelry’s value by 30%! This perk will insure validify and trust, as ExJewel values transparency. This certification will be your jewelry’s identity card recognised by the eco-system.

3. Insure & protect your valuables

Insure your jewelry for safe keeping. ExJewel works with insurance leader specialised in the jewelry business.

Imagine your client drops-off a jewelry for repair at your shop… ExJewel will take care of estimations both ways.

Insurance companies will evaluate your jewelry and insure its risks of damages and destruction.

Increase your jewelry turnover by 15% with an all-in-one / price for all / digital solution.

4. Verify & trace your jewelry

Using blockchain technology, ExJewel offers the liberty to trace your jewelry to its origin. We partner with industry leaders to ensure your jewelry has lost signal 😉 

Customers seek authentication & transparency.

ExJewel verifies jewelry that is uploaded onto the platform.

ExJewel fights against counterfeit products by comparing your jewelry upload with millions others securely stored in our database.

5. Repair & revive your jewelry 

Revive your jewelry so you can sell it better and wear it again and again 😉 

NB: A clean jewelry is more valuable than a dirty jewelry that stays in your vaults, unworn.


Find nearby trusted repair shop with competitive pricing.


Repair at ease broken jewelry that comes by your shop. ExJewel will be able to evaluate your jewelry at drop-off and pick-up. So basically, you will be able to evaluate the real immaterial value that you offer your customers. 

6. Give another life to your jewelry

Connect with jewelers nearby and start reviving your jewelry into something you would wear again. We know the trends so that we can help you (re)design your perfect jewelry by reusing precious materials and saving the planet. 

” I revived pearl necklace into multiple designer jewels. I wear it everyday, thanks to ExJewel.”

” My grandmother gave me her old wedding ring so that my wife wears it too. It was indeed quite old-fashioned. ExJewel managed to redesign it using modern patterns and reuse the diamond to keep it sentimental.”

” I always thought repurposing a jewel was more expensive than buying new in-store. ExJewel proved me wrong when Stephane redesigned my family jewel into a beautiful modern snake necklace.”

7. Buy & Sell repurposed jewlery in 1 click

Exjewel uses its advanced technology to find you the best buyer anywhere, anytime. ExJewel is a recommerce platform reserved for both, businesses and customers. At least, it’s secure enough to be private 😉 


Ensure to sell your jewelry at its REAL price.


Push your jewelry to one of our partner auction house we trust.


ExJewel is a 100% secure. Every profile that request its access is carefully reviewed. Additional information can be asked to prove identity.

The platform is used by both parties. We encourage customers to evaluate their inventory in order to offer them transparency.

No. We just launched the online appraisal tool. We will release new perks every 3-6 months, unless we get a funding ticket of 20 Millions euros 😉 

We are an independant organisation that makes sure to appraise jewelry at ease. Some services are free, some require monthly payments.