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Exjewel disrupted the jewelry appraisal , made 100% digital so that both businesses and customers can evaluate their jewelry stock in a single click!

  • Your inventory accessible in all devices, desktop and phone
  • Unlimited appraisals starting 120euros
  • API integrations with diamond and gemstone leaders
  • 5.24 million data to rely on

Trace your jewelry worldwide

Your customers seek authentication & transparency. ExJewel has partnered with industry leaders to certify every estimation that is processed by our algorithm. This certification will be your jewelry’s identity card recognised by the ecosystem.

  • Insure your jewelry for safe keeping
  • Risk-free for damaged, destroyed or stolen goods
  • Certifications can increase jewelry’s value by 30%
  • Increase your jewelry turnover by 15% with a price for all digital solution
  • Fight counterfeit products by evolving your product’s origin 
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Manage your supply chain securely

Exjewel developed the best tool to boost your jeweler’s activity. Discover the all-in-one solution where a REAL ecosystem is literally a click away.

  • Monitor jewelry trends in real-time
  • Sell your jewelry for its REAL value in a private marketplace
  • Invite-only access to premium features

Design a second life to your jewelry inventory

92% of all jewelry is not sold by businesses, neither worn by customers. ExJewel is responding to this crisis in order to fix the industry and restore balance. ExJewel enables users to customise their inventory needs while allowing the addition of tailor-made solutions to enhance the efficiency of their inventory management.

  • Find nearby trusted jewelers with competitive pricing
  • Evaluate the real immaterial value that you offer your customers (drop-off minus pick-off value)
  • (Re)pair or (Re)design your jewelry so you can sell it better and wear it again
  • Save the planet by reusing precious materials
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