redefining jewelry resale pricing

ExJewel refines the way we traditionally value vintage, antique and second-hand jewelry.



Jewelry pricing today is

  • 40% based on precious material costs
  • 60% based on brand’s margin
  • traditional since its set-up with no innovation
  • irregular from one appraiser to another
  • based on opacity of the supply chain
  • private 



Jewelry pricing with exjewel is

  • based on real-time material costs 
  • based on previously unquantified elements
  • determined by a powerful algorithm
  • standardised worldwide
  • transparent to all supply chain actor
  • accessible to everyone

Introducing to the 6 criterias

ExJewel sets up the first digital jewelry estimate that takes into account the price of materials (metal and precious stones) as well as the price of previously unquantified elements (design, production, first life, etc …). 

Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity

Is it a diamond alternative?

Is the gem certified?


Was your gem treated?

Does it have fluorescence?

Is the gem natural or synthetic?

What is the gem’s origin?

Conflict-free level

What is the type of the metal?

What is the price of gold today?

How much does it weight?

What is the purity?

Is it white or yellow gold?

Is it recyclable gold?

Ring, necklace, bracelet, brooch or cufflink

When was your jewelry created?

What is the type of your jewelry?

Is it an engagement ring?

Art Deco or Art Nouveau?

What was the main inspiration behind the design?

Is it trendy?

What is the finishing of the metal?

Where was it made?

Any cultural metalsmithing?

How was your stone set?

Was the gold plated? 

Was it rhodium treated?

Handmade or mass-produced

Branded or unbranded?

Is it Cartier, Tiffany & Co or …?

Is it fine jewelry?

Was it designed by a famous artist?

Where is the trademark?

Was your jewelry a copy?

How did you acquire this jewelry?

What is the initial price of your jewelry?

Is it broken or dirty?

Is it new, vintage or antique?

Was the ring for your grandmother?

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