redefining jewelry pricing

ExJewel refines the way we traditionally value jewelry.


Brand add margins

ExJewel noticed that the jewelry industry was opaque.

  1. Each supply chain actor lack transparency towards their customers to protect their margins
  2. The jewelry industry is old-fashion, 150 years old without any true innovation till 2019.

Traditionally, jewelry estimation is performed by a physical person called an appraiser. Each appraiser have their own pricing strategy. It varies from one jeweler to another. 

We add value

We finally offer you total transparency! 

ExJewel sets up the first digital jewelry estimate that takes into account the price of materials (metal and precious stones) as well as the price of previously unquantified elements (design, production, first life, etc …). 

Reliable Benchmark Standard


ExJewel have carefully picked up different sources of jewelry pricing data to provide the most accurate estimation results. Our independence and more than 5M of wholesale precious stones price acquired has made ExJewel a reliable standard for independent, market-driven and accurate estimation.

We continuously add new online shops to our tracking list, so our database of precious stones pricing is steadily growing. To optimize accuracy, we make sure that only reasonable offers are entered into the database. All specimens with noticeably unusual prices are rejected and therefore have no impact upon the prediction model.

We are using supervised machine learning to predict gemstones, diamonds and pearl values based on the specific factors influencing gem pricing. The system can generalize what it learned from the collected data, and it uses this information to predict values for new input data provided by the user.

Apart from providing price prediction based on the trained model, we also analyze and publish useful insights into current jewelry markets such as the design micro and macro trends. This information helps jewelry professionals and amateurs to educate themselves about the market and make better-informed decisions concerning trading and collecting.


introduction the 6 facets of jewelry

Precious stones

Diamonds, Gemstones & Pearl

Our interactive gemstone price calculator model estimates value of your precious tone based on: the traditional 4C (Color, Cup, Carat, Clarity), certification, whether your gem is natural or synthetic, conflict free level and many more… 


We integrated external trusted database to ease your appraisal digital experience.

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Gold, Silver & more

An evaluation of the gold market as well as all other combinations of materials. How much does gold cost today? Is it white or yellow gold?

Precious metals


Level of craftsmanship

ExJewel evaluates the condition of the original part by quantifying the quality factors. Is it broken or dirty? Had it ever been modified? Is it new, vintage or antique?


Colors & patterns

ExJewel’s algorithm analyzes more than 150 different trends in the market, taking care to examine the design of any jewel. The trends are quantified through the age of the jewel, its patterns, its inspirations and the quality of the details




ExJewel does not just appreciate precious metals and gems. We also value the stories of their early lives. Is it from a love story of more than 20 years, jewelry passed down from generation to generation, or even a bad break …

Brand’s value

ExJewel is able to discover the margins of jewelers and brands to calculate their notoriety and punch