7 Reasons why ExJewel should be in the News

  1. The first most accurate online jewelry appraisal platform on the market – more information
  2. ExJewel takes into account the impact of trends and current events on the jewelry market like the Covid19! – more information
  3. Artificial Intelligence which is based on more than 5.24 million data to date – more information
  4. The jewelry sector produces 18x more precious materials than what the market requires – more information
  5. Because today 92% of the jewelry in the world is neither sold nor worn
  6. ExJewel provides a solution to the environmental problem generated by the jewelry industry – more information
  7. ExJewel takes into account 6 evaluation criteria by standardizing the prices of precious stones – more information
Stephane Boghossian

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ExJewel on the news

French, European and Worldwide press partners that wrote about ExJewel.io and it’s innovative solutions

“Disrupting the jewelry industry”

“The first fully-integrated AWS web application in France”

“Une solution disruptive dans la joaillerie du future, enfin!”

“A fashion tech must-have!”

“Innovative yet smart!”


“A love/hate relationship with the jewelry industry”

“Un écosystème responsable dans la domaine de la joaillerie”