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Of course not! We created this tool to help appraisers around the globe estimate their jewelry stock at ease. Digital, instant and transparent.

You can sign-up to Exjewel to get one month unlimited free online jewelry appraisal, only if you sign-up before February, 15.
With Exjewel, your first jewelry appraisal is free. You can check our pricing here.
Sign-up to Exjewel, upload pictures of your Jewel, answer some questions, import the certificate. Our very powerful Artificial Intelligence gives you a jewelry appraisal.

exjewel scrapes 5.23 millions public and proprietary data from 37+ sources to provide the best online appraisal service.

exjewel calculates 252+ jewelry criteria that follows 127+ trends to give the most accurate jewelry appraisal. We also use 3 APIs to ease the process.

diamond jewelry appraisalExjewel is able to appraise jewelry coming from all sources, from new to vintage & from branded to unbranded.

Exjewel is able to appraise all precious gemstones from all origins including diamonds (natural or synthetic), emeralds, sapphires, rubies and pearls (natural or cultivated)

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ExJewel's algorithm is very powerful! The first time I tried it, it was still on an excel sheet and it was already very precise. Now, with millions of data and an even more powerful algorithm, it even recognised a Tourmaline from a Ruby!
Mining adrien trivier
Gem expert
My experience with ExJewel has been a special one. The intuitiveness of the platform, responsive customer service, and thoughtful feature set is a breath of fresh air. FYI. Can't believe that we can finally appraise synthetic diamonds with transparency!
Carlos gemstone specialist


  • Branded jewelry from major luxury brands such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Chaumet, …
  • Unbranded jewelry 
  • Vintage jewelry from all epoques
  • Pre-owned jewelry
  • Newly produced jewelry 
diamond jewelry appraisal


  • Includes 20+ shapes such as round, pear, emerald, princess
  • Melee diamonds
  • Old European cuts
  • Natural fancy color yellow, champagne, blue, and pink
  • Synthetic and treated diamond prices
Diamond appraisal

Precious gemstones

  • 80 varieties of gems including major and lesser known gem varieties
  • Extended comprehensive price charts for ruby, sapphire, and emerald
  • Prices in all gems from commercial to extra fine qualities

Pearl (natural & cultivated)

  • Japanese cultured
  • Chinese freshwater
  • Tahitian black
  • South Seas
  • Mabe

We integrated GIA, HRD and Rapnet’s database to ease your appraisal digital experience.

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