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  • Built for customers and professionals
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  • Send / Receive documents to your customers & jewelers
  • Trusted database to ease your digital experience
  • Branded jewelry included
  • Secure vault
  • Traceable, from mine to resale
  • Image recognition
  • Instant experience
  • Based on real-time precious cost
  • Appraise all your favorite gemstones

WHy exjewel?

Start-up, made in 🇫🇷

ExJewel’s technology is backed by industry leaders and our team has relevant knowledge & experience.

Jewelry & gemstone pros 💎

ExJewel is a tech-powered jewelry appraisal tool changing the way jewelers and jewelry owners alike manage their prized possessions.

Highly tech-enabled 🤖

Our unique algorithms & big data approach allow us to offer a 100% digital appraisal with effortless & shopping at scale


The ExJewel appraisal tool was 100% FREE during covid-19, until the 18th of May

Jewelry appraisal today is

  • based on material costs
  • done by a professional (leads to errors)
  • takes up to 7 days
  • costs up to 20% of jewelry value
  • You have to find a reliable jewelry appraiser near you


Jewelry appraisal with exjewel

  • based on real-time material costs & immaterial costs
  • done by a proprietary algorithm that compares your jewelry, gemstones and diamonds with millions of others
  • takes up to 5 minutes
  • appraise jewelry, diamonds and all major gemstones 
  • costs up to 10x cheaper than a traditional appraisal
  • Your appraisals are secured in a virtual vault
  • Your appraisal updates itself with the 125 trends we constantly follow 
  • You get free online jewelry appraisal for your customers

ExJewel was conceived for both jewelry owners and businesses.  

Businesses may include: Jeweler, Distributor, Jewelry designers, Stone distributor, Jewelry retailer, Multinational corporation, Influencers, Gemologists, Insurance companies and many more…

For use cases, click here.

Of course not! We created this tool to help appraisers around the globe estimate their jewelry stock at ease. Digital, instant and transparent.

Jewelry: Branded jewelry from major luxury brands (such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Chaumet, …), unbranded jewelry, vintage jewelry from all era, pre-owned jewelry, newly produced jewelry.

Diamond: Includes 10+ shapes such as round, pear, emerald, princess, melee diamonds (coming soon), old European cuts, natural fancy color including yellow, champagne, blue, and pink, synthetic and treated diamonds

Precious and semi- precious gemstones: Major Precious gemstones including Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald as well as 20 varieties of semi-precious gems including major and lesser known gem varieties 

(coming soon) All natural & cultivated pearls: Japanese cultured, Chinese freshwater, Tahitian black, South Seas & Mabe

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