It all started with stats!

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jewels around the world are neither sold by professionals nor worn by owners

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Is it normal to extract mines (both precious stones and materials) 18 times more than is necessary to meet market demand?

ExJewel is a responsible jewelry eco-system

ExJewel is committed to tomorrow by promoting the jewelry eco-system ethically,
respectful of the environment and socially responsible.

Our vision

Build a new jewelry eco-system that encourages the conscious purchase and reuse of valuable materials to avoid over-consumption.

So in practice, our vision is to connect professionals and individuals with professionals in the jewelry industry through an interactive platform.


with a circular economy

Disrupting the major jewelry supply chains from the traditional “take & make” format to bending the cycle and reusing what we usually throw in the bins. The idea is to make long-lasting and sustainable products lead by innovating. Sustainability is about technology good for us and for the planet. 

It shouldn’t be a choice. Change now.

  1. Capacity to help both end consumers and businesses

  2. Preservation of the craftsmanship

  3. Traceability of precious materials & end-product

  4. Ethical jewelry supply chain with the respect of the social


  5. Environment in conception

  6. Enhance the product cycle with designing a second life to jewels

  7. Innovate the customer experience

  8. A secure access to primary precious materials

  9. Reduce CO2 emission

Our ethical and environmental impact

Every piece of jewelry has 2 lives. At ExJewel, we believe that you deserve to know what your jewelry is really worth today so that you can decide the second life you want to give them.

The environmental problems generated by businesses in the jewelry industry lie mainly in the excessive supply of precious stones and materials needed to create a jewel. At Exjewel, we believe that it is possible to reinvent the jewelry industry by recycling existing materials.

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of recycled gold
We recycle and use all precious metals and especially gold by working with professionals specializing in the redesign of gold in France.
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of reused diamonds
We reuse precious stones including diamonds by making them available to the supply chain.

Our ethical and social impact

At ExJewel, we are sensitive to the creation of jewels through a supply chain revisited in the respect of human rights: as much the respect of the conditions of work in the mines and other places of productions as the deadly conflicts generated by the extraction and production of materials and more specifically diamond.

Our partners

ExJewel works with the biggest players in responsible consumption

ExJewel looks after animal welfare in Africa, including ivory. We are working with WWF to regulate the exploitation and use of ivory in jewelery.
Exjewel works to improve working conditions in the mines. After visiting the Emerald mines of Colombia, we participate in the protection of minors and hope to improve their working conditions.