We predict trends in REAL-TIME  🔮

The ExJewel estimation platform turns millions of jewelry make price and jewelry retail price into better jewelry resale price. By calculating the jewelry first life’s value and the jewelry second life’s value, ExJewel offers predictive analytics data including trends and prices. 

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Our mission

We want to bring AI into a smarter jewelry supply chain ♻️

ExJewel’s artificial intelligence-powered platform analyses millions of jewelry data in real-time to forecast trend for you. 

Trend forecasting

Because the jewelry industry lack


to impact your most important product decisions 

Product positioning

Be the first to use trendy patterns, gemstones, finishing, …

Design accordingly

Detect trends and design the right product for your long-lasting clients 

Forecast production

Choose wisely your production cycle by reusing precious materials

So we created our own DATABASE  💎 ⛏  

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jewelry data in 2 years

In January 2019, ExJewel created its own database (5.24M of data from 25+ suppliers), algorithm and platform in order to appraise excess jewelry inventory digitally, difficult to evaluate.  Using tableau, our data is well-structured into 250+ unique characteristics we can later quantify to measurable trends.

& followed the most influential trends like 


Over the last 6 months, Exjewel has gone through over 5.24 million jewelry, diamond and gemstone data points online and 35,000 jewelry products uploaded onto its appraisal platform. To analyse how shifts in this industry are affecting customer behaviour, we looked at the numbers. We looked at global ExJewel and Google search data, active browsing page views and conversion rates, sales data, as well as global media coverage and social media mentions generated in 2020.

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Online sales decline in Europe
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#coronavirus increase in the first 2 weeks of March
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of posts are related to jewelry

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