ExJewel’s Artificial Intelligence-powered platform analyses millions of jewelry datapoints in realtime to predict the right design trend for you.


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Why ExJewel

The secret to predicting next year’s jewelry trends

The ExJewel estimation platform turns millions of Jewelry Make Price and Jewelry Retail Price into better Jewelry Resale Price. By calculating the jewelry first life‘s value and the jewelry second life‘s value, ExJewel offers Predictive Analytics Data including trends and prices.

Jewelry Make Price

*Resources = precious materials such as Gold & Diamonds

*Craft = Level of details & manufacturing

*Design = Design trends

Jewelry Retail Price

*Margins = if the jewelry is branded, this is where we measure the brand’s value

Jewelry Resale Price

*Story 1 = ExJewel measures the immaterial sentiments a consumer may have for a jewelry

*Likes/Dislikes = ExJewel fetches all bids on all recommerce platform to measure the desire of the product



Produce smarter

Choose wisely the greenest production cycle for your collection

Design accordingly

Design the right product for your clients by knowing what would they like

Be the first!

Be the first to use trendy patterns, gemstones, finishing, …

Produce greener 

Choose wisely your production cycle by reusing precious materials


1. we add value

ExJewel sets up the first digital jewelry estimate that takes into account the price of materials (metal and precious stones) as well as the price of previously unquantified elements (design, production, first life, etc …). ExJewel collects all the information concerning your jewelry, thanks to its platform to evaluate as clear and transparent. 


2. Data is gold


exjewel scrapes 5.23 millions public and proprietary data from 37+ sources to provide the best online appraisal service.

exjewel calculates 252+ jewelry criteria that follows 127+ trends to give the most accurate jewelry appraisal. We also use 3 APIs to ease the process.

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suppliers globally
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lab grown diamonds
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branded jewelry
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second-hand jewelry

3. order is brilliant

Using tableau, our data is well-structured into over 250 characteristics. We analyse these characteristics and quantify the trend with percentage margins.

4. We predict trends

#NaturalDiamonds are expected to grow 5% by 2020. We predict #LabgrownDiamonds to have a faster growth. 💎

#Snake is gonna be a big design trend. 🐍

#JewelryIWouldEat is trendy in Germany. It may become the next Macrotrend! 😋

Have you watched the latest #LionKing  movie? It is inspiring Channel & Tiffany lately. 🦁

#Diamond and #Flower is a good blend. What do you think? 🌺

Have you seen the recent #DiamondinaDiamond discovery? check this out. 💎

5. We improve our A.I.

Once we identified the right trend, we adjust our estimation tool continuously. This is why your estimations are changing according to the design trends and fluctuations of prices




Our impacts is big & GREEN

The environmental problems generated by businesses in the jewelry industry lie mainly in the excessive supply of precious stones and materials needed to create a jewel. At Exjewel, we believe that it is possible to reinvent the jewelry industry by recycling existing materials.

0 kg
of recycled gold
We recycle and use all precious metals and especially gold by working with professionals specializing in the redesign of gold in France.
0 carats
of reused diamonds
We reuse precious stones including diamonds by making them available to the supply chain.

Hear out from professionals

“We had some intuitions that we wanted to test and ExJewel helped us to validate those intuitions”

– Boghossian, HK

“It is genius! Finally a tool that can predict melee diamond prices.”

– Brilliant Diamond, Antwerp

“We managed to reuse our scrapped gold for a new collection. We chose to trust ExJewel in their free insight. Now, our collection is best-seller in India and China!”

– Kalyan jewellers, India

We release Trend reports every now & then.

Content: 5 major trends and breaking news

Year: 2020

Location: US

Event: Tucson Gem & Jewelry show 2020

Time: 30 January – February 10