What is ExJewel?

ExJewel is a cloud-based jewelry all-in-one appraisal web app & management platform for all supply chain parties involved in the jewelry appraisal process, including but not limited to Gemologist Appraisers, Certified Jewelry Professionals, Retail Jewelers, Pawn Brokers, Insurance Professionals and end consumers. We are 100% independent and are not represented by the government yet.

What is an Appraisal?


According to WP diamonds, a jewelry appraisal is a document you may receive from a high-end jeweler or jewelry appraiser that describes the item of jewelry being valued and then gives a value that the item should be insured for. The appraisal should describe the jewelry item stating an estimated diamond weight, an approximate color, and clarity of the diamond, the weight and type of metal the jewelry is made from and any other gemstones details.

Why Shazam?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Shazam is often used to indicate an instantaneous transformation or appearance. At ExJewel, we use Shazam as the discovery of your jewelry elements, instantly, through image and keywords recognition.

How can ExJewel help your business?

Our appraisal platform helps supply chain actors estimate, share and manage estimations in a fast and efficient manner. You’ll be able to grow your business faster and reuse your stock efficiently. 

Do I need to install ExJewel on my computer or smartphone?

No installation is required to use ExJewel’s appraisal tool. We are a cloud-based platform available on all modern web browsers and smartphones.

Is my account secure?

Account security and data privacy are extremely important to us. According to the new GDPR law, from safe password practices to data encryption, we take all the possible steps to secure your data. 

NB. Once your jewelry is uploaded, we may use that data for private uses such as to predict trends. We will never share your username, name, jewelry pictures, and other private information.

How much time does an appraisal take?


Generally, appraisals take up to 7 days to be delivered to you, as it is a physical jeweler that performs the job. As a result, the appraisal can vary from one jeweler to another. The result is delivered on a piece of paper signed by the jeweler in question. 

Our appraisal is instant! It takes less than 1 minute: Once you uploaded the jewelry in our database, our algorithm instantly evaluates all the criteria gathered and showcases the prices for you.

How our Appraisal algorithm works?


Generally, jewelry appraisal is performed by a physical person. Each appraiser has its own pricing strategy. It may vary from one jeweler to another. 


You can start to appraise your jewelry while at home! Once you upload your jewelry information onto our platform, our algorithm compares your photo (using photo recognition) and your answers (the form you filled up) to 5 million others we gathered over the years. On this day, we count over 20+ sources, from mining companies to big online suppliers. 

Where are our data from?

On this day, we count over 5 million data points from 20+ sources. Our data come from industry leaders: mining companies, jewelry fairs, online recommerce platforms, and online suppliers. We constantly grow this number to make your estimation easier, for individuals and professionals alike.

Do we provide pricing data?


If you would use a traditional appraisal service, your appraisal won’t be transparent and you need external accounts to search for prices. 

All in one! We partnered up with some industry leaders for the most accurate and up to date pricing data available. You can link your ExJewel account to your existing Rapaport, HRD and GIA account for a fully integrated pricing service. As a user, you will be able to integrate your jewelry and gemstone stock easily using the certification search. 

Full integration with other industry leaders is coming soon.

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Is ExJewel's appraisal accurate?


As traditional appraisals are carried out by an individual, it can vary from one jeweler to another. 

Thanks to our A.I. technology, we can surely say that our appraisal is very accurate, 90% more accurate than a traditional one. Our algorithm constantly fetches for new macro and micro trends. On this day, we count more than 125 trends. Our algorithm makes sure to update your jewelry price once you upload them again.

Can I access my account from multiple computers?


Our application is web-based and can be accessed using any web browser, from any device. You can access your account using many device types and operating systems, including (but not limited to) Microsoft Windows, Apple / macOS, Linux, iOS and Android-based computers, tablets & smartphones. This means that you can access your account from any computer and smartphone, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Can I appraise my jewelry digitally?



Appraisals are generally done physically. You will have to bring your piece in-store in order than a jeweler examines it and prices it accordingly. 

Our estimation tool is 100% digital.

As an individual, you can perform your appraisal while at home. You just need to send a picture of your jewelry and fill the form as much as possible. Just note that it will be possible to ask for our professional advice if needed. 

As a professional, you can perform the examination yourself while filling the form for your client. The tool is not replacing you but helping you to perform the best estimation possible. 

How is our appraisal tool 70% cheaper?


A jewelry appraisal may cost around $100 or a percentage of the value of the item (generally, 30%). It can be offered as a free service if and only if you decide to sell your jewelry at auction. 

Our appraisal tool is available to anyone, professional and individuals alike. We make sure to offer 1-month free with unlimited uploads starting from February 2020. If you are happy with our appraisal tool, we will be happy to offer a package specifically suitable for your needs. In any case, the first appraisal is always free. 

Is ExJewel's appraisal accurate?

Brand add margin

The appraiser estimated his own pricing strategy. According to WP diamonds, a jewelry appraisal is a document you may receive from a high-end jeweler or jewelry appraiser that describes the item of jewelry being valued and then gives a value that the item should be insured for. The appraisal should describe the jewelry item stating an estimated diamond weight, an approximate color, and clarity of the diamond, the weight and type of metal the jewelry is made from and any other gemstones details. If your jewelry is branded, the price can increase depending on its aftersale margins.

We add value

ExJewel sets up the first digital jewelry appraisal that takes into account the price of materials (metal and precious stones) as well as the price of previously unquantified elements (design, production, first life, etc …). We offer you total transparency! 

What will be the second life of jewelry?


Because you don’t have a choice, jewelry appraisals generally lead to selling your piece of jewel.

If you choose the Auction House, you will have to sell your jewelry at the lowest price possible in order to benefit the transitory process’s margin.

With ExJewel, you will be able to appraise your jewelry and many more… Once logged in, you will be able to manage your inventory as you please, securely. Our vision is to offer real second life services to jewelry: We mean by offering it to future generations a jewel that pleases them with a renewed design, also guaranteeing an authentication service for pieces, potentially a precious materials recycling service with our partners and of course on a private resale platform. The perks will be launched every 3 to 6 months.

Does appraisal have exact price estimation?


When looking to sell your jewelry it is very important to keep in mind the value stated on the jewelry appraisal is not a re-sale value and therefore the figure is not an indication of the price you will receive when you come to sell it. The value given on the jewelry Appraisal is a New Replacement Value (NRV) for modern jewelry or a Second-Hand Replacement Value (SHRV) for antique jewelry. This value is for replacing the item if it were lost or stolen and is calculated by valuing the component parts of the jewelry and then adding on a profit margin for the retail jeweler.

Are jewelry appraisals quality-based?

The quality of appraisals can vary wildly in terms of the grades given. In our algorithm, they can be one to three grades different for both color and clarity from the accurate grading our algorithm/experts, and in nearly every case, a jewelry appraisal will give a higher grade than that which is given by an internationally respected lab such as the GIA. That means a large potential difference in the price you will be offered from a serious company willing to buy your diamonds. Therefore, you should keep an open mind on price, even if you pay for an appraisal. 

How much do software updates cost?

Your ExJewel subscription is all-inclusive. Software and algorithm updates are done frequently (daily) and are completely free!