Digital & effortless appraisal

ExJewel made appraisals (finally) 100% digital and instantaneous to appraise a piece of jewelry, by combining customer input (photo, details) with millions of public and proprietary data points. Our pricing algorithm learns from new customer data and market trends

Manual appraisals are done by a human and leads to errors

ExJewel’s appraisals are done by a proprietary algorithm that compares your jewelry and gemstones with millions of others

Manual appraisals take up to 7 days and create frustrations

ExJewel’s appraisals take less than 5 minutes

Manual appraisals cost up to 20% of jewelry’s value

ExJewel’s appraisals are more than 10x cheaper than traditional appraisals 

Manual appraisals are based on historical material costs

ExJewel’s appraisals are based on real-time complete material costs & immaterial costs


Or unlock more appraisals and features with ExJewel Premium.